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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Order in the Court

Supreme Court Date: January 20th, 2017
Location: Washington D.C. National Mall

Your honor and friends of the court, this be my closing argument: We have no one else to blame but Hillary Clinton for the "Hostage Situation" we all live today as a nightmare. That nightmare will soon bring US the countdown to Apocalypse Now and signs of Armageddon are painting the horizon a "Hell Fire Red". "There is something happening here, and it is exactly clear". Our sons and daughters are scarred, thanks to Hillary. It has nothing to do with the Chappaqua "crapper" server. It has nothing really to do with the Russian Federation "hack". She should have been able to weather the storm, of anomalies like the latter as meddling in our elections has been an ongoing problem since 1980. And if we consider GOP redistricting that started in earnest that same year, the brainchild of Tom "The Plumber" Delay wherein justice for guilt was never served upon such perversion and sentenced to community service only on "Dancing with the Stars", that "segregating" surpasses any "hack" outcomes. Just ask Jimmy Carter, as he knows all about "homegrown" meddling infiltration. All this Comey's a commie, and pedophile-pizzaGATE, merely distractions and should not have dented the aspirations and goals any becoming individual. Any righteous "stateswoman" with credibility would have far surpassed the competition with a ZDonald Tyrump like character. A "Maggot" is but a slime-line attraction. In fact, we could have and should have been able to cancel the November 8th election, due lack of interest from competing parties and may the "best woman" win. It was the first only - and possibly the last time - there came an opening for a win in the making of history with the likes of a First "Lady" U.S. President. Just put instead Gabrielle Giffords in Hillary's shoes, we would be in celebration today and not confined as "Hostages". What's in your future, besides the possibility of a meltdown? I don't know about you, but I have taken all my money out of the bank and stocking up the basement - with booze. And as the sun sets, Bill and Hillary will run away with what is left in that "Foundation", as it is bankrupt. Look, if it were a legitimate "charitable" philanthropic foundation - like we see with the likes of Bill Gates turning cesspool runoff into fountain water - it would be a perpetual orgasm and keep on giving. So to hear the Clinton's crying out loud that the "Foundation" can no longer survive - said again maybe the democrats will learn from such mistakes that you cannot trust a Clinton or a Wasserman. At the same time the constipated conservative republicans may not have enough time left to...our kids are having nightmares! I was a Bernie Sanders fan, as he was the only one that showed his guts to stand up to the Russian Federation punk. Said again, had Sarah Palin NOT been jealous of Gabrielle and thus commissioned a Jarad Lee hit, it would have been a Giffords & Sanders ticket - and my basement could have remained cob-webbed. Hillary was lost before she even began to lose. This bull-crap about 3-million more "popular" vote spectacle, she was running against an "Insane Maggot", she should have been 30-million above and beyond. That "We ahead" the "majority rules", it's lame. It reminds me of the "Tortoise and the Hare"! And here is another "Reality". If all this "hack attack" did bring US to this salvation the saliva trails of a maggot, had Bill Clinton been an honorable person and not a friend of perverts, he could have taken the center stage of Democracy and maybe talked sense into US! And Congress would have listened, the Supreme Court justices would have listened - that the "Inauguration" cannot go on as scheduled. And Bill & Hillary are showing up for the swearing in of the "Insane Tower Maggot"? Just can't give up and get away from it all. I don't know which is more offensive in appearance, the maggot or the Clintons as I plan to watch the "riots" and hope that when the smoke clears away that the "D.C. Militia" has both the "Tower Maggot" and the Clintons in custody - not for protection but for the "hanging has begun"! High noon could be awesome! Sad, when president-elect-reject - the "Insane Tower Maggot" - will shed the "elect" and be handed the keys to the "Oval Office", 54-hours and counting down. Even sadder state of affairs, the Russian Federation gives ZDonald Tyrump more credibility his new job then "We the People Denied" feel is proper. Polls indicate the popularity contest at 98% to 37%, Russians first we second? And the way the polls are headed from an "American'" perspective, we are doomed in the "approval" category. If an "incoming" has a negative rating, does that NOT disqualify? These polls include those that voted for the "Maggot", so even though so divided as a nation we seem to be coming together for still affordable coverage - as once in office, kiss goodbye your inalienable right to free-speech! DO YOU DEFEND SATAN and ZDONALD TYRUMP - boom your dead and didn't even get the chance to say Yeh or Ney!  He's a ballistic insane maggot with an itchy finger. Why in hell is Russia so interested in...Honestly, it reminds me of the 1980 election madness, wherein going into the "Inauguration" this nation was held "Hostage", with the Iran Crisis looming over US. I guess Putin used that showdown as his recipe for disaster this time around upon our nation. Look, it is Simple Simon math, Putin has "de file" on Tyrump. Yes, ZDonald Tyrump is under siege as a hostage, by Vladimir Putin. And when the bell tolls on January 20th, well I hope all hell breaks loose to break away the gridlock. See. when ZDonald is under the influence of a Communist Dick Head, so are we so henpecked. Putin has the goods and enough to cause pain and suffering, he could crater the "Trump Tower" dysentery dynasty financially and wreck the Melanomia nuptial contract. Yes, the maggot's wife may be the only one that gains from this "Hostage" situation. Maybe she planned it all, set-up the Russian "hack" job, to get rid of the "Gropper". Wow, Ronald Reagan was nicknamed the "Gipper", so now we have the ZDonald "Gropper" Tyrump. But above all, ZDonald Tyrump will put that "Dysentery Dynasty" above all, he will kill innocent children to save his Fred Trump name, even send this nation into a death-storm spiral if he cannot beat Putin. "Hey Pilgrim" get the message? OK, this is not funny by any stretch of the imaginable truth, but here is how we can get out of this mess. First, we must arrest the faction that has instigated this Kremlin disease upon this Republic's Democracy. Just arrest the entire FOX news' anchor staff, for exciting racial riots. Why in hell has Greta and Megyn jumped ship? Because they could not stand the stench of Hannity - this guy is by far the explanation of a "hairball" and so stagnated in his views that "from-under" mold holds him down-under. Then we arrest the entire "Trump Team" but give amnesty to Linda McMahon. See with her ties to Vince and the WWE - which finds an audience that humped Hillary and that knows more about fake wrestling then any understanding of what Barack Obama did as the 44th Commander-in-Chief, this constituency that boosted a win for the "Maggot" can be to our advantage. See we have Linda setup a "There Is Life After the Presidency" match between Barack and Putin, as I know that Obama would say YES to an opportunity to kick Putin's ass before  a world-wide audience. Imagine the bookie fees! And after Obama kicks Putin's royal behind, which means kicking also the "Maggots" ass, then like we once saw televised how Vince was scalped by ZDonald, Michelle gets to take the shears to that "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" hairdo because it was crap like that which got US into this mess and may be the only way out - fight fire with fire! Then we "House Arrest" Putin, all part of the act everybody walks away happy go lucky. In the meantime, I heading to the basement - barricade the door as our inalienable rights are - what rights? At least for the next 53-hours, as you just gave away an hour listening to my 3am rant-on-rage, but I am an American, a "True Patriotic Pilgrim". And I know that no matter what kind of shit storm Vladimir Putin is stirring up, I spit in his eye as I was a Barack Obama comrade, yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow some more!

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