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Friday, January 27, 2017

TORTURE Explained

Dear Mr. ZDonald "Heel Spurs" Tyrump;

They cracked several of my ribs and broke a couple of teeth. Weakened by beatings and dysentery, with my right leg again nearly useless, I found it impossible to stand. On the third night I lay in my own blood and waste, so tired and hurt that I could not move. Three guards lifted me to my feet and gave me the worst beating yet. They left me lying on the floor moaning from the stabbing pain in my re-fractured arm. Despairing of any relief from pain and further torture, I tried to take my life. After several unsuccessful attempts, I managed to stand. Up-ending the waste bucket, I stepped on it, bracing myself against the wall with my good arm. I looped my shirt through the shutters. As I looped it around my neck, a guard saw the shirt through the window, pulled me off the bucket and beat me. Later, I made a second, feebler attempt at suicide. On the fourth day, I gave up. I signed a confession that "I am a black criminal and I have performed the deeds of an air pilot". The guards ordered me to record my confession on tape. I refused, and was beaten until I consented. Those were the worst two weeks of my life. I shook, as if my disgrace was a fever and no one would ever look on me again except in pity or contempt. - Senator John McCain, Vietnam.

As you continue to make the United States the laughing stock amongst nations good, bad and ugly, before I can play any RESPECT your way here are the demands. Please shut your trap until you know just what the hell you are talking about. You were an MIA during the Vietnam WAR, so how in hell can you even think you have an understanding of "Torture", it's NOT that fake crap you and Vince get caught up in with that World Wide Wrestling - it's for real! You need to watch the "Deer Hunter"...then give Mr. McCain an apology we all can hear loud and clear, as he is this nation's RIGHT HAND MAN OF AUTHORITY when it comes to the subject of "TORTURE"!

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