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Friday, January 13, 2017

Dossier Doozy

ZDonald Tyrump - the MkUltra CIA Experiment.

Like teenage kids that clash with their parents. I am talking the way ZDonald Tyrump and this nation's "Intelligence Community" seem to be at odds with each-other. Would you mess with the CIA? With that I mean, here is an agency we fund yet it can take out anyone deemed a threat to our national security, here in the "Homeland" and abroad in the "Motherland". Yes, they could bullet your ass with ammo you paid for - "Your Tax Dollars at Work"! With ZDonald, it's like a rebellious teen thinking it is time to take on the world, in this case "take over" - my point. I just read through the "DefileGATE" dossier - it reads like a psycho-ward-evaluation document of a covert operative - in this case ZDonald Tyrump. Of course it is considered "disingenuous", it's spy stuff. Like a ready-made manuscript for a spy thriller with all the proper ingredients like weird sex...Look, never to ever after 44 presidencies covering the 1st Inauguration to WWI to in-between conflicts to WWII through more Korean conflicts towards Vietnam forward ho the middle east has there been such a disconnect. The presidency and national security are inseparable partners like peas in a pod. The "Pod" protects! At the same time if something isn't right inside, the "Pod" can abort. Like dads throwing their kids out of the house. And yes, there is that parent obligation, no matter how resistive the testosterone kids get. Take away the keys? Yet, with ZDonald Tyrump, something is up outside the ordinary. Does the "Bourne Identity" syndrome ring a bell as to what we have going on before us as that January 20th "Inauguration" approaches?  Look, that "Manchurian Candidate" doesn't have to be a Sylvester Stallone-Matt Damon-Steven Segal clone on steroids. Doesn't have to be physically fit or 007 good looking. That would be too damn evident, so how about a clown - as the "yellow matter custard" hairdo fits!  ZDonald Tyrump is a CIA experiment, no doubt about it in my book. NO not a super-human that has gone haywire for revenge, but running on the ragged edge, Project Excelsis Deo. Come on people with any intelligence remaining after such a whirlwind election year still whirling with excrement or excitement - depending on political siding, as we didn't get here on our voting booth desires! And as Americans, we take an oath every damn day -"without purpose of evasion" that would never ever allow such an outcome. Look at the timeline, as there was no way in hell that a maggot like ZDonald Tyrump could have beat out the Jebs, the Romneys, the Rubios, the Kardashions, unless a little help from a friend. A nobody to somebody doesn't work in the modern day political arena, as it has been hijacked by political capital for safekeeping. So, ZDonald Tyrump was being groomed towards the U.S. Presidency by a subliminal coaching interference - he has that mindset that is very easy to manipulate for maneuvering. The advantage of a ragged-edge character but at the same time dangerous as there is very little "gray matter area" reasoning ability. Like a tight-rope walk, and this is well established by the covert faction that has promoted a ZDonald Tyrump presidency. And not control like we saw with "Dubya", but for a stealth like reasoning, as the CIA had reason for this early on intervention. Said again, ZDonald Tyrump is a CIA pawn and things are moving forward as planned. There is no other acceptable reason as to why we are at this juncture today! And then when that Phase I-Deo process was  a success and in the bag with ZDonald as the GOP front-runner, then it was time to perform the same Manchurian infiltration against Hillary Clinton. Once this started, there was NO turning back the clock - the fuse ignited now so close to the 2nd stage mainstream weapon of mass political destruction, the cog of continuity synchronized. Hoodwinked? Hoodwanked? Look, there were very notable statesmen in the wings waiting for that opportunity that only knocks once, like for instance Jon Huntsman, Joe Biden. Why is it like this? Call it the greatest mind game experiment of all times and we are all part of this experiment, to clone that Manchurian weapon of mass political destruction! The world is the stage for this experiment, like the ring of a wrestle-mania extravaganza. And now the CIA must maintain control over its operative. For what reason? To take down Vladimir Putin, to take down Bashar, to take down Khamenei or any other leader that gets in our way - all in efforts to sow the seed to take over the "World". And I am all for it, even though we are not perfect yet, there are things happening around the world that disallows our kind of democracy to reign. Is there another form of government you would be proud and somewhat safe under - with such inalienable "equal" rights like is guaranteed in our Constitution? No, of course not so best join in this CIA plan of attack that will share our beliefs with a separation of church. There has to come a time in history wherein a "One World Order" is established - the race is on and in high gear. I'm a pacifist, and this project may be a way out of a miserable history so far bestowed with over 200-years of hate and discontent, using mind over military matter to for once call upon "brothers and sisters" to be as "One"! What else makes sense? Basically, the CIA called Putin's bluff - we are winning the game of chess, so far so good. It required a Tyrump, not because his political views reinforced this march - just a likely candidate that could fulfill the goal towards a "mission accomplished" - with the subject capable of being controlled by external forces - the Tyrump is a puppet. Now this experiment that finds ZDonald Tyrump as a CIA henchman started back in the 50s and was designed with the following criteria: "Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?" SIDEBAR: If at any time during this experiment things start to go not as planned and the CIA cannot get a hold of the situation with say a ZDonald Tyrump out-of-control - nothing to worry about and as quoted by government officials: “Security is the greatest concern. No question that on inaugural day, this would be the most appealing target in the world.” - and that is an everyday opportunity for the CIA. They live at the White House! They fly aboard Air Force One! Be assured that "Operatives" are in place already should things start to stray away from the game plans. At inception, it was called Project "Paperclip", then "Bluebird" then "Artichoke" and it finally rested its case at MkUltra and was secretly sponsored by the CIA for over 20-years. When it was discovered, Congress put a halt to it, at least that is what was supposed to happen. And during the Church Committee, that which was called to order to investigate this "human experiment", it was discovered that CIA chief Richard Helms declared all "documents" had been destroyed. Yet, that was not the case and even today our very own Congress cannot subpoena records standing at institutes of higher learning involved in this government funded "mind game". But when I mentioned the fact there were notable individuals that could have run for the 2016 race, they may have been warned off, time for the CIA to run the "White House" business that had up until this time been maintained unto its own accord. No longer the case, and it is evident that the "Oval Office" is under-the-influence of an anomaly peculiarity. That "MkUltra Secret Weapon" was designed to find the "Manchurian Candidate" - and document the methods of control that could then be used as a "weapon"! Now back during the heyday, which found this "mind game" testing on many college campuses sea to shining sea but disguised otherwise, there were no holds barred. From drugs, to perverted sex, to pure mind abuse like what was studied by Henry Murray - a renowned Harvard psychiatrist. Murray insisted on a pure "needs" abuse criteria based on verbal overtones along with demeaning criticism and using the surroundings as unattractive attachments - people, places and things - to promote an incarceration like effect, wherein retreat was impossible so victims looked for guidance as an escape. With that guidance came external control - follow the "Yellow Brick Road" and "Trust Me", wherein victims saw relief with "They're coming to take me away hehee hahaa." While at the same time Murray toyed with this sadistic "mind control", a colleague gambled on the use of LSD for similar controlling results. That professor's name was Timothy Leary. It was fun times all around - except for Murray's worriers. The results from the Murray "needs" assessment was successful, that through "mind abuse" a guinea pig human could be controlled - it required a certain individual that met certain "mind" qualifications. And that criteria with those meeting the minimum qualifications, a very small population with respect to the general population, so only a small percentage of candidates could be drafted for this activity. So here was a ways and means to promote that "Manchurian Candidate", that which required no drugs, just conditioning. Drugs work fast but with side effects. The Murray "mind conditioning" worked by itself, with very little side effects - so was the ultimate weapon but required time - maybe years in the making. Said again, it required a certain restrictive mindset to begin with - so NO, the CIA cannot control us all! From Harvard Yard, the Murray testing produced an "MkUltra Candidate" with codename "Lawful", a mathematical genius with a real name of Ted. But like mentioned already, certain criteria was required for success, this mind control do as I say. For Ted, it didn't work and that experimental guinea pig turned away to become the UnaBomber. At the Harvard "Annex", wherein these "mind abuse" experiments found success, there was also a patient with codename "Trump". So Murray found the perfect match - and all the data and documents on this testing supposedly destroyed. But, there came a certain mindset result that could be controlled, with proper "abuse" conditioning over time. So yes, the CIA has been grooming ZDonald Tyrump for many years, as his personality characteristics fit the Manchurian Man Candidate of new to a "T". Now we are no longer talking candidates that are super-powerful human experiments - remember no mind-body altering drugs required. With ZDonald, it is clear that it is very easy to control his actions by mind manipulation abuse. And now that he is the president-elect, soon the incarceration element will become a reality. And the abuse comes by way of the media, false news' reports, foreign government interference - many different avenues under the control of the CIA. Basically, with the correct psychological steering, the CIA has control over the presidency. Even Tyrump's cabinet will be under the influence of the CIA, to reinforce the plan. Why? Said again, it has boiled down to Putin verses US. Man has become civil, and any notion that we are going to intentionally meltdown the globe by a nuclear slug fest, it ain't going to happen. Meltdown is mutual destruction, so what is gained - Nothing. Look how much leverage we get by having a Dennis Rodman visit Dung Little Dick? Look at how much leverage we get by allowing Tillerson to receive that "Order of Friendship"? And it is all part of the continuation of the Project for the New American Century but instead of using military might, it is mind over matter. It is working already, as this new age war to defeat Putin then move on to mow down the others getting in the way of peace - it's happening right now as we "blog" away our thoughts. No need wait until the "Inauguration" as to the CIA, that day is basically a meaningless day. One day, a single political faction will dominate the world, else we get stuck rehearsing war against each-other and never break away from the doom and gloom of guts and blood. There has come enough bloodshed upon this earth that will remain forever as a stain, we must move away from "WAR", in efforts to hold our sights on the last frontier - space. Look at what we are doing in space research today, nothing! As all our efforts are focused on the WAR MACHINE. Imagine if all that wasted money, that wasted talent went directed at "space travel"? Imagine what could be accomplished if scientists from all over the globe could work on the same issues. Instead, they work on weapons of mass destruction and we work on weapons, double dipping waste. I have a single agreement with Stephen Hawking, that we must abandoned this earth. Not due the fact our efforts for daily bread has ruined this earth and its natural beauty, but out of due respect, as this planet is the cradle of civilization. We will conquer space only when we have conquered our weakness to be our brother's murderer. We must become that "Brother's Keeper", something that is a void on Vladimir Putin's radar. So, maybe with ZDonald Tyrump, the CIA can now control destiny for the "GOOD" - this is not wishful thinking, but a requirement of survival in a new age of WAR. We have spent enough time trying to tame the world with bullets, it doesn't work, as the playing field is so equal. This "New Age War" is a "mind game" and maybe we have an edge up on our adversaries, from something that was designed long ago but never implemented because the ultimate mind controlled candidate was still in hiding. No longer the case.

TIDEBAR: I have spent numerous minutes writing after numerous hours researching about what went right and what went wrong with the 2016 presidential election - the pros and con-artists. It just didn't add up? Then it hit me. There has to be a reason millions are missing the point, that what we have before us today is a controlled experiment that was designed to get us out of the cesspool, as we had become stagnated as a civilization and that can only lead to extinction. The MkUltra has come of age. And let's hope that this doesn't get out of hand, aborted and we find before US another UnaBomber dud, or like we saw in the Bourne with a madman out-of-control. But remember, the CIA has the resources to make sure things don't get out of hand. And NO we cannot sit back and enjoy the ride, as our continued ridicule, our protests in the streets, our perseverance against a ZDonald Tyrump "Tower Maggot" Dysentery Dynasty - it is part of the Murray/CIA plan of abuse as we are all in this together.

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