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Friday, January 20, 2017

White Glove - MIA?

Hitler had a bad habit, besides an affection to watch the huddled masses gag on poison gas after living out months of malnutrition in rat infested concentration camps, his aftermath work fun found a fascination with scatophilia. It appears we have another authoritative "bad habit" heading our way, an individual that may enjoy similar...Wow, it just happened, "HAIL TO THE ABANDONER-an-THIEF"! Like many sane Americans so contest - at last count 65000000 and counting up - the ZDonald "Cesspool John" Tyrump's "Inauguration Infuriation Day" should have been placed in a "Holding Pattern", until such time we investigated why Barron Trump was MIA the day before the Doomsday Clock adjustment - predicted to advance forward to 1 Minute before Armageddon. OK, the kid - who has an 11-year old mind of his own - decided to stay in NYC to attend the "Trump Hotel" protest, along with Michael Moore with Alec Baldwin with Robert De Niro as the ring-leaders. Hey, maybe the kid hates being trapped in a "Tower" and wants out of the "Dysentery Maggot Dynasty", just like little Fred Trump wanted nothing to do with a "Beach Haven" upbringing. Because of that dissident behavior, OLD MAN TRUMP dumped little Fred for Donald as his favorite child tyrant - and older brother Fred drank himself to death. So Bravo Barron, I caution be careful! But we are moving too damn fast, with all the news media goons saying we must be "Patriotic" and use this time to "honor in" ZDonald Tyrump as the 45th Commander-in-Chief, no matter our feelings, with the sick sentiment that we want to see him succeed as a United States President? No we don't, else we have caved in to the insanity of an oligarchy! ZDonald Tyrump wins in life by violating anything and anybody in his way, if he gets away with it, that threat continues. But there are signs on the horizon that Trump and Pence are indeed "Illegitimate", way beyond the sanctions imposed by John Lewis and the Congressional "Black Caucus"! The "White Glove" was missing from the Master of Ceremony, when the Tyrump and Pence team attended the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" and that is significant, as it means the military guard has not accepted the 45th's "legitimacy" as a Commander-in-Chief! For this action there is a reason. There are safe-guards, behind the scene sacred and secretive safeguards that goes beyond the words of the Constitution, designed to make sure this nation is not taken over by an "illegitimacy" that is determined to destroy "OUR Democracy". The "Constitution" defines that "Democracy", and how it is to be protected. The reason the Commander-in-Chief, if legitimate, has the power to call to duty the "Well Regulated Militia", that is you and I, sir! So, "legitimacy" is a valid concern, with this new administration and it has nothing to do with that "vote". If we are remissive in that "voice", due undue influence, that is wherein the safeguards come into play. Yes, "if the glove doesn't fit..." Bottom-line, that "Missing Formation White Glove" is the trigger, as the "Surrender or Else". Of course there are safeguards we have no idea exist, the reason for the CIA as if such protective mechanisms were well known, perpetrators could circumvent then circumcise and then we end up with a Hitler like monster with power to "Kill". Look, like already mentioned earlier on, the "Surrender" operation has been set. David Duke, you think you did it? Think again and best watch your back! Thank You Barack, for in the last inning you saw the potential of a "Mutiny" and made the conscious Presidential & Commander-in-Chief decision to interfere upon this invasion. When Marine 1 sailed past the Washington Monument, wow, what a hero you have meant to US! But there are other signs, besides the "rains came" just when the "takeover" had begun, the ZDonald & Pence march against "Democracy". When the Tyrump was giving his "Infuriation Day" sworn to abort "Democracy" speech, there was a serious delay in the honor guards from the various branches of the military to file in behind ZDonald. That delay was in protest as this is usually a precision like passage. Then as soon as he started bashing the exiting Commander-in-Chief, they abandoned their positions - yes a retreat away from what the military stands for, as they are supposed to obey the wishes of the Commander-in-Chief. Yet there is reason for this, as "We the People" will not be denied! A Commander-in-Chief finds immunity, can do many things that you and I would or could not get away with - yet no matter that privilege, one must behave! How this secret plan will play out, only time will tell, but it has been triggered. Where the pinch points exist for further action - that is a highly held secret and the owner of that information has left town. So NO matter what happens, have faith that the 44th did not leave US blind-sided, and with that I will sleep well tonight. NOT because of a ZDonald Tyrump now equipped with a nuclear option, but rest assured that if he tries to use it against US, he may find out the batteries were dead! And there has come many other signs in the past few days that something was going down, and even though for years many of us have chastised the non-transparency of government, especially with the underground operations of the CIA, this is one of those times wherein silence is golden as this time around, on "OUR" side!

Note: The "White Glove" missing on the Master of Ceremony signifies a rebellion is at hand, that the "Military" questions the ZDonald Tyrump & Mike Pence "LEGITIMACY".

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