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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hasty Pudding Trump

My fellow American, with respect to Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the proof in the pudding? My fellow American, with respect to ZDonald John Tyrump is NOT the proof in the hasty pudding? Look at the numbers, as Barack Obama is by far the richest retiring U.S. President...hey all you conservative republican maggots that have for the last 8-years been on a pilgrimage to sabotage Barack's legacy, only 2-days left for an "Impeachment"? And Mr. McConnell, you are is session, so do I see the "White Flag" of retreat waving? And Mr. McCain, you are in session, so do I hear the call for a surrender, "I am a black criminal..." What a feeble minded asshole, all the conservative tea-party republicans that did nothing but complain about a "Black Man" sitting in the "Oval Office" and because of such truancy to work NOT with but against the amounts to tyranny. OK, you now have a genuine Abandoner-in-Chief. Time for a "We're Sorry Mr. President", but the 115th Congress is too damn lame to admit it failed. Paul Ryan, it must be against his religion to admit he was beaten to the back of the bus by a "Black Man"! I am white, didn't vote for Hillary, didn't vote for a madman. But the polls, that assess the true fact of the matter, Obama in-closing at a 60% approval rating and the incoming insane "Tower Maggot" at a miserable 32.2% and falling. He's in freefall and headed towards a crash landing, hardy ha ha. Let's hope that crash is in Russia somewhere, as I for one would surly hate to see such a maggot buried under our soil. But maybe, just maybe his skull can be mysteriously stationed next too Martin Van Buren's head stone "tomb". What means the CIA will take ZDonald out if it gets out of hand. In fact, George H.W. could give the marching order from his death bed, before he passes away to get a hold of the "skull"! ZDonald is a "Turncoat", what is it you don't understand? He is at dangerous odds with the "Intellectual Intelligence Community", and that is the sign of a "Turncoat", he is sleeping with the enemy! And when compared to the asset of the "Greatest President of Record": Obama at 25%. Ronald Reagan at 11%, Bill Clinton at 10%. Barack Obama, beating out Ronald Reagan by a "landslide". Which means there will be bronze statues of the 44th being erected from sea to shining sea. See, ZDonald Tyrump already lost the battle with Obama, as there is NO way in hell that the insane "Tower Maggot" can top those ratings, not even a close call. Hope you can get a refund on any wager you wasted - dumb and dumber. Which is scary, as ZDonald Tyrump will do almost anything to destroy whatever and whomever is behind his disapproval ratings - and that is "We the People" and "We the People Denied" as for his "heinous crime" we are the all inclusive target!

"I will get even, just look in my eyes Pilgrim"

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