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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Bribery

It's the "Bribery Administration"! The smoke is clearing out and we are starting to see the picture, the trend of why FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK finds reason to "Question Authority". And since the Awful Office has suspended telling the truth - it's Betrayal. First and foremost, I am from Rhode Island, so I get to punch Sean Spicer in the face first - before Robert De Niro. Rudy Giuliani? Rex Tillerson? Stephen Bannon? It is so easy to see what it takes to be on the right hand of their GOD! They all have the "DefileGATE" goods on ZDonald Tyrump - stuff that would sink his ship, and that kind of embarrassment for the Tower Maggot is above and beyond "patriotism". With that "We the People Denied" are being held hostage, by Vladimir Putin. Look, the Russian Federation "hacked" the goods on US then sent in the goons to ransom the Tower Maggot. What is it you don't understand? See, Giuliani was in contact with CIA agents that were in contact with Putin - that is well known. Tillerson, he has that "Order of Friendship" from the Soviet Union. Hey, it is still the Soviet Union, still a communist regime that wants this nation to fail, and that is what "Chaos Theory" is all about. The pre-requisite for the ZDonald Tyrump team: Lie, lie more, lie all the time and enjoy being "shit" on by the Soviet Union. But lies can only make buoyant this ship of fools for so long - and the 45th will go down as the shortest lived erection of all times and the reason Hugh Heffner is laughing his ass off, as each passing day the hull is being breached and weakened - by Democracy!

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