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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Detention - Serpent on the Deck!

Will someone please give Kellyanne Conway something to eat! She's at famished stage, all skin and bones, or is she a sign of the "new times" ahead - starvation of the huddled masses. Now that the "ZDonald Birch Society" is on the roll to "Kill" Barack's legacy totally, may as well start that same attack on Michelle - no more "healthy lunch" programs for our kids in need. Starvation, coming once again to our inner-city neighborhoods. The entire "Bircher" movement is based on the wealthy filthy greed of a few. It is so easy to go off on a tangent now that Maggie's Farm is "Open for Business", so many "ugly" things happening at once, so many things to complain about, what do you expect with a theme song that sounds of Dylan's "Desolation Road". Conway, envision her in a Natzi domination uniform with a whip, and auditioning for ZDonald: "Happy birthday Mr. President" - she is merely a Damien serpent of the Tyrump Tower and thrives on cesspool floaters. That "swamp" is grossly inadequate, it's a cesspool! Sure ZDonald said he would "drain it", but little did we realize he had a substitute revitalization plan. But the "WALL", that "FUCKING WALL" that Mexico has already castrated any intent to pay for it, here we go again. Let's see - Madonna using 4-letter words to Hail-in-the-Thief, same with the Ex-Mexican president!  But I just listened to an interview with Pamela Taylor, what an American, I love ya! Maybe we are coming together as a nation, as the divide has taken over for way too long and crippling our Republic's Democracy. On day one-too-many already, ZDonald Tyrump was "Trumped" by the "Little Old Lady From Pasadena", and she was a "Trump" supporter! Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny Go. Wow! OK, Pam is from the border crossing town of Brownsville, Texas: "You can't build a wall that works...make it 20 feet high they'll have a 21 foot ladder, $millions$ down the drain!" Amazing what some of his fans are saying today and for a reason - they thought he was kidding! And there is not a single iota of "Truth" coming from the ZDonald Tyrump "Sanitarium", because the cast is starving to death - Chris Christie down to 666 pounds - one flew over the cuckoo's nest? But with the "Beach Haven Maggot", besides the porous walls that won't work, it means the construction of "Detention Centers".  So, the "WALL" doesn't have to work, as that is NOT the intent. And that is wherein the "payback" is starting to show its ugly face, for his buddies that are involved in the "Privatized Prison" money making scam, which is an injustice that which is no doubt a CRIME against the U.S. Constitution. See, the only way to have that continuous "No Empty Beds" revenue stream, change the laws so incarceration is easy - like the "Three Strikes Out". There are many "Black Brothers & Sisters" in jail for life, for 3-marijuana busts! And how many states have legalized the "weed"? But even so, "Lock'm Up" and keep them balled & chained throw away the keys.  So the "WALL" will be built by money "upfront" from the "American Taxpayers", never paid back by Mexico and the scum-bag investors will be lining up to throw $millions$ upfront to build the "Detention Centers" - it's guaranteed income! And when those beds start filling up because the "WALL" didn't really work, do you really think those prisoners will even get to make a phone call? NOT on ZDonald's watch as with freedom it means vacancies - not what this "WALL" is all about. It's a "WALL" for the other "WALL". It's all about $money$, and that was ZDonald's kidnap hijack plan all the time - and I wonder how much he intends to payback his supporters? As it is against the "Bircher" movement for a re-distribution of the wealth. He doesn't give a rat's ass about your progress, as what's not in your wallet is in his sights for abduction. Attention - Maggot on the Binge. WE ARE FUCKED! So hurry up CIA, do your job and demoralize this Vladimir weapon.

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