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Monday, January 30, 2017


Yesterday morning America woke to the sad news that a U.S. NAVY SEAL TEAM 6 commando was "Killed in Action" an early morning raid in Yemen. "WE THE PEOPLE" were informed by the ZDonald Tyrump "Oval Office" through the newly minted James "MAD DOG" Mattis that 14-terrorists were killed and another U.S. troop was hurt in a "Hard Landing" of a $73-Million dollar MV-OSPREY assault helicopter. This "Hard Landing" damaged the "chopper" enough that the SEAL TEAM had to send a self-destruct command so the enemy could not hold hostage the technology left behind when the SEAL TEAM retreated. Now we hear a totally different story, as the original "WHITE HOUSE" briefing was a means to "Hoodwink", as this nation's "MAJORITY" was busy building a protest consensus with the "Muslin Ban" - that Delta Airlines computer "glitch" - and busy building preparation of "ugly" coming our way. So, the "Hoodwink" has lost the camouflage and now it stands at 1-Dead, 3-seriously wounded and 3-seriously injured in the "OSPREY" crash. What they meant by "Hard Landing" was a crash! This is what the FOX mentality would actually believe! And on the other side, 11-women who thought they were under attack by "rapist", so protected their kids by taking defensive positions with loaded weapons. And Sean "Splicer" Spicer, says the ZDonald Tyrump wants "Transparency"? I'm pregnant and have balls! OK, this target was under surveillance when Obama was still in office, but never given the green light as we didn't have a "MAD DOG" that hates desert weddings or little girls in Sunday dress because he has never had children and when we had "legitimacy", Obama's brass were not exactly sure with confidence what the hangout meant - it was mothers with kids! And this "MAD DOG" assassination came a day after his swearing in and was designed to find a "WIN" for the Tower Maggot, so he could "Twitter" that he meant business with "Terrorists" on the eve of his "Muslim Bantering" - it failed and the 45th now has that blood on his hands. But he can easily clean that away with Kellyanne Conway's feces - he likes "defiling"! From a dead American soldier, to maimed American soldiers, and children! No wonder Netanyahu likes his mental retarded state. Yes, the ZDonald Tyrump "Transparency", the Mobius Strip and the "Oval Office" lies 360-degrees disconnected from "Reality".

Lennon would say "REVOLUTION"!
Marley would sing "REVOLUTION"! 
Guthrie would yell "REVOLUTION"! 
MLK would march "REVOLUTION"!
& Barack Obama gave US that OK...

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