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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Love Minus the ZERO

WAR CRIMES? Sometimes we must read between the lines, too many lines at times it seems with ZDonald Tyrump. Lines? That sniffling concerns me. What the "La De Freak'n Da" is he thinking about, besides groping Armageddon - whatever her name. But he works in another dimension, one that finds the thrust of the Damien Thorn, so unless out of necessity - stay away! But when the issue of "we should have taken the Iraq oil and we will with another chance" became a "WAR CRIMES" talking point - this is what ZDonald was yaking about. Take Alaska as an example. Even though the "Citizens" of the 49er own the resources, in the end Alaska only gets 14% of that resource as a "Royalty In Value" revenue source. Even though that seems like a pittance, when all is said and done Alaska is an independent wealthy nation, I mean state. After 30-years in the oil business as a pseudo-oil company that sells its pittance share of oil on the open markets, it has close to $100-billion in reserve. And the state does not collect a tax on an individual's income. No gasoline tax, no nothing! The state's investment portfolio finds ownership in real estate that dwarfs the "Trump Tower" interstate domain. That's right, Alaskans own some of that New York City skyline, luxury resorts in Arizona! But all of this would not be possible without a little help from a friend, at a tremendous cost. Yes, that remaining percentage belongs to that friend. And that friend is none other then "Big Oil", like the EXXONs! It goes like this. For every barrel sucked out of the ground, which equates to 42-gallons, the little guy gets 6-gallons and the bloated-pig walks off with 36-gallons. "Black Gold" finds meaning. Now let's move offshore to Iraq, some 5600 miles away. So we send in the troops-in-boots to secure the country, then we offer protection from insurrection and foreign invasion. In the meantime, there comes interest from the "newly installed puppet government" in developing the crude oil extraction and export infrastructure - but that takes $money$ and lots of it. What I mean by "puppet", ongoing negotiations already with American "Big Oil" interests. And even though the United States can assist with aid, it doesn't interfere with "private equity" interests through a non-compete clause found in the Constitution. So a company like EXXON with deep pockets comes a knock'n, at their terms. Look, had it not been for such "deep pockets" along with a Tillerson mentality to get what it wants, Alaska's oil would still be "stranded". The state was broke before oil started flowing and didn't have a dime in its pocket to spare! This is what the "Trump Tower" business maggot is talking about, when he uses that "WE" preferential treatment thing! Not the United States taking the oil, but using our troops to secure the area so the EXXONs can move in and prophet HO. "We" means the 1% Club. And just like in Alaska, sure there will come jobs and a revenue stream out of such ventures, but the sea-saw is heavy handed in one direction, said again 16-cents on the dollar - the rest goes into the hands of the investors. I lived in Alaska for 38-years and studied the ramifications of the ways and means of "Big Oil", it was basically "rape & pillage" and is still like that today. The money that has been taken out of the 49er in "Big Oils" pockets, it is mind boggling. When you see the "Citizens vs. Big Oil", you don't want to know the "Truth". But if you give a little money away each year in a dividend, you buy the loyalty of the citizens "blinded by the might" and the ransacking continuous unabated. This is why Wall Street is so fascinated with ZDonald Tyrump - he speaks their language. To reiterate, when he uses "WE" he doesn't necessarily mean "US". So this "WAR CRIMES" bullshit that the media is going ballistic over, pure nonsense - as it is another type of CRIME made friendly by a justice called "Capitalism". But not to worry, as this hand-me-down pillaging is already happening in precedence was set for the road-map, right here in America, in Alaska!

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