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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nuclear Fallout Already

Sad, or a sign of the times? See, after 146-years the Ringling Brothers are calling it quits, yes the Barnum & Bailey circus act will end. Let's face the facts, how the hell can the Brothers compete against the ZDonald Tyrump Freak Show Circus? Does anybody out there in "Laa de Frick'n ya da" land think Melanomia is good looking? She looks like a walking reptile with signs of malnutrition, all part of the "Freak Show". And what the hell is wrong with sonny boy? Mike Flynn, the walking upRIGHT uptight chanting asshole! Jeff Sessions like Dumbo - as with a little  too much windblown explosive diarrhea of the mouth from the "Boss Hog" ear flapping means liftoff! Kellyanne Conway, poisonous snake with a sandpaper face - some say she uses the men's room and pees standing erect? With Rex Tillerson, results of what can go wrong by cloning the DNA of Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Khrushchev. And the famed circus act with the "Tower Maggot" trademark, "Defiling"! So now we have an understanding as to why ZDonald's hair color looks so, well naturally showered! Yes, grand opening of the "Saddest Show on Earth", this coming Friday, January 20th. And here it is Martin Luther King weekend, with Monday in celebration of this "Civil Rights" icon. And all we hear from the President-elect-reject is "bla bla black sheep", or when deciphered "the colored battle lines have been drawn". IMAGINE, using the opportunity in celebration of MLK to raise the...take that back as it means lowering the bar that which allows "segregation" to infiltrate once again. But this behavior from a would be president indicates a perverted messed up mind, as with ZDonald and "I have a Wet Dream" it means sending the black man back into slavery - starting with the "back of the bus" mentality with any financial gains. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness will become a tragedy again for many - including middle-class whites. ZDonald wants to torch the real "I HAVE A DREAM"! But there exists more than enough background checks that paints a picture tells a story don't it! Fred Trump taught his son Donald the tricks of the trade on how to trick people, and when not looking thus rob one of any dignity and pick-pocket away any wealth. ZDonald Tyrump is the greatest con artist Ponzi scammer of ever. I would prefer having Bernie Madoff in the "Oval Office", at least I could get a cup of hot chocolate on credit. And Fred Trump, well just ask Fred junior about growing up in a family setting that promoted segregation, as the eldest son could not handle the race riot rigor mortis and became an alcoholic, died at a young age. Supposedly from those in the know, first son older brother Fred was against prejudice and segregation and loved life as a happy-go-lucky guy that which included all walks of life - so friction between "like father like son" caused the old man to abandon young Fred. With that fatherly cop-out, a leaning towards the next in line, ZDonald John. Did Fred senior really take young Donald John to a KKK rally? In this day and age, that could be considered child abuse, but that will change, only 4-days before the Armageddon side show makes its debut. Feature stage act, "DefileGATE". But polluting the mind of a youngster, it must have worked - as ZDonald chose sticking with the "Beach Haven" maggot mentality. Yes Fred Trump is wherein the "Trump Tower" found its origins, defying the liberties...look, ZDonald Tyrump is an insane maggot that despises the color of a man's skin and next of kin! Woody Guthrie coined the "Trump Tower" as an icon of "segregation" and today that symbol remains the same - ZDonald Tyrump family uses that icon to "rub salt in the wound". It's roots...In a few days, many years of "Brotherly Love" respect will be flushed down the toilet into the cesspool. There is no stopping this madman once he gets on the move - like Hitler he thinks the same mindset. "Get out of my way or I will mow you down". Think young kids are scared of the "Big Bad Wolf"? Soon there may be a pandemic of nighttime nightmares, "Mommy I saw ZDonald Tyrump taking away our house and he groped me"! And of course that "Spy Dossier" finds truth in its spying statement authenticity, just like in a ZDonald Tyrump "Truth in Lending" statement. Pay pack, hardy haha! That dossier and its "DefileGATE", ZDonald has spent a lifetime pissing and shitting on the decency of humanity. "You're FIRED". It ain't funny when there are mouths to feed, bills to pay, it is NO laughing matter - not in AMERICA. But what does this maggot really understand about our way of life? NOTHING! He's more cozy with the doozy dossier and "Sleeping with the ENEMY". "Give them an inch, they take a yard. Give them a yard, they take a mile. It seems like Total Disruption our only solution"! Wow, just received the results from the "Union of Concerned Actuaries". This is something "ALL AMERICANS" should be concerned about. According to these men and women of financial number crunching brilliance, ZDonald Tyrump will coast US to the brink of bankruptcy, and with his plans of attack on all issues outside the 1% favoritism, the American Taxpayer will see a 35% rise in income taxation before his "Terms of Endangerment" are up. Look, he is in denial that his empire has "BANKRUPT" written all over, so he thinks he is a successful professional entrepreneur and is about to take this nation down the same "dead-beat dead-end"! Then we will hear more denial this, denial that and he will place blame on everybody but himself and will get even by an Executive Order for outrageous "Taxation". I am calling his Bullshit, as that "Thievery" upon US won't ever happen, as before that kind of wealth segregation, "We the People Denied" shall protest and revolt with a "No Taxation without Representation" message. Once upon a time some time gone away one could vote republican or democrat, when it was all said and done Congress worked in a bipartisan way - as it is the voice for all the people according to the "without purpose of evasion" clause in the oath of office taken by every sitting member of Congress. Today it is but for a monopoly with RICO violations common from sea to shining sea. Over the years, that "bipartisan" mandate has disappeared by controlling freaks like Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. "We the People Denied" have no "REPRESENTATION", so do we really have to pay a tax on our income? NO. The greatest threat to this nation is not the fact that a lunatic is about to be given the keys to the "Oval Office". Neither does that threat rest its case in way too many guns in the hands of the insane or the fact that FOX news agents have no idea what the 1st Amendment is all about. The greatest threat is "We the People Denied", and if those 65000000 strong started withholding...look there  ain't enough agents, ain't enough jails, ain't enough judges and believe me, we would thence have a say as we would be in control of the "wallet". It is time for a full-force full-court-press strategy on the lunacy of a ZDonald Tyrump presidency. Yes, "Tax Evasion", a "Peaceful Civil Demonstration" is our weapon of choice. Let's stick together on this one...and if you read between the lines of what Barack Obama is trying to tell US in the 9th inning, we best listen up and do as he says. "I AIN'T PAYING FOR THE ZDONALD TYRUMP's CIRCUS FREAK SHOW".

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