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Friday, January 13, 2017

Bullying My Ass!

I remember visiting L. L. Bean when it was just a hole in the wall in Freeport, Maine. When good winter gear was needed in efforts to survive an overnight in the White Mountains, in the shadow of Mt. Washington. At the time, I was involved in testing winter bivouac mountaineering tents, so good clothing was a necessity as during a storm it could mean 24-hours incarcerated in a tent - with hurricane like howling winds. Talk about nasty weather, I finally moved to Alaska, what a relief. But it was during the early days at Bean's, wherein the store was opened 24/7, as the factory workers counting 15 would be busy through the night making the "Made in America" goods. I stopped shopping for the L.L. label - boycotting - when fame of fashion caused imports from places I never even heard of, along with the fact I could buy longer lasting winter gear at SEARS - the Sir Edmund Hillary line. True story! So it is interesting that many are calling for Bean "Boycotts" today - but for a different reason. Now Mrs. Bean Bag is crying foul - a granddaughter that was only 25 when Mr. Bean kicked the dust, so maybe she wasn't listening to experience. And I am all for this "Today" boycotting, for a political swamp reason. I hope that ZDonald Tyrump can drain the entire swamp, but it appears to be a bigger problem with the trickle down indicating a cesspool sized run-amuck extravaganza. That is where Mrs. Bean Bag gets her marching orders, the "Cesspool". She was force fed garbage and donated $60000 to ZDonald Tyrump's campaign - Conway's makeup "expensive"! Hey, it's all a write-off for the Beanies, no loss. Wow, see the rich bastards seem to not fully understand one basic premise that makes this nation great, but on the edge of a default, it's called following the "LAW". See, that amount of loot accounts for the yearly wage of 42% of Americans - and on that wage a somewhat decent living, but no "Extra" to waste away on political wannabes. We should NOT have to buy the politicians. And Mrs. Bean went over the "legal" amount by $10000? This was NOT a mistake in hindsight, but premeditated and is how the wealthy try to hijack the political system - it is NOT fair, it is "BULLYING". The likes of Mrs. Bean Bag, it is the problem that is causing the back-up overflow of that cesspool. Maybe time for a "defiling", and ZDonald Tyrump appears to be good at that, so maybe there is hope!

Mrs. Bean Bag defines "Boycott Bullying" to FOX's Tucker, the guy awarded the Presidential Award for promoting "Turncoats".

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