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Friday, January 13, 2017

2nd Breitbarf Update 1/13/2017

ZDONALD TYRUMP IS FUCKED. He laughed at the "Jail Hillary" chant. She who laughs last, laughs BEST. The best thing, these crimes committed by ZDonald Tyrump and company occurred before the swearing in, so there is NO Presidential IMMUNITY, no allowance for a "Pardon". ZDonald Tyrump is going to jail! But "We the People" will settle on deporting his ass to Russia!

*ARREST Michael Flynn*

Congress learned today - Friday the 13th - that Michael Flynn, soon to be the Abandoner-in-Thief's "National Security Advisor", broke the law and called the Kremlin's top Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. This occurred a day before the Obama administration levied sanctions on the Russian Federation for tampering with the United States Constitution, by targeting our election process under "Democracy". That communication is a direct violation of the "Logan Act". Michael Flynn shall report to USP Florence ADMAX - to share a cell with inmate #04475–046, a.k.a. Theodore John Kaczynski. The "Transition Team" cronies of the ZDonald Tyrump "cesspool" are breaking the law without bounds - it is time "We the People Denied" start also breaking the law. We must STOP paying taxes - and be just like ZDonald if you can't beat him, join him!

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