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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Breitbarf - The WAR CRIMINAL

Only 11-days into the ZDonald Tyrump's reign of terror and he has gone where NO other Commander-in-Chief has gone before so soon - he is today a bonafide "WAR CRIMINAL". His hands are scarred with blood and his insane mind reeks with the stench of death that of a murderer, blood of Americans! He is NOT my President and I will use every available tool to resign his time. The 1st Amendment finds today more power and might than the 2nd - and we will be heard all the way to the "Halls of Hell Impeachment" as when the "black powder" and bullets of the "Turncoats" run dry, our voice will be stronger. We are already winning this Constitutional "showdown", as the free world mourns with US this evil Damien Thorn bent on a dystopia wet-dream. Americans do not deserve a "Killer" in that "Oval Office", we need a trial! Our Founding Fathers would be appalled and calling for a "Mutiny" if what is going on today was on their watch. To see it continue on without arrest goes to show we are weak, and with that so vulnerable. But the results of the 45th's call for a premature military raid, an 8-year old girl of American Citizenry was assassinated by NAVY SEAL Team 6, caught in the cross-fire. Cause of Action: Because of anticipated pressure with respect to the "Muslim Ban" Executioner's Order, ZDonald Tyrump wanted a "John Wayne RAMBO" moment wherein he could show and tell is adversaries - which means the 65000000 "Majority" that had sense and voted for a human being instead of a "Tower Maggot" War Criminal - that he was going after the terrorists Fast & Furious. Such a raid, it would have given some credence of acceptability to his base of retards upon his Executive Order "Muslin Ban". This Yemen "target" had been on the Barack Obama radar screen for months, but was never given the "GREEN LIGHT" because our military surveillance had reason to believe that an AMERICAN CITIZEN was being held captive against her will because she was only 8-years old. This is the commitment a "BRAVE" Commander-in-Chief makes, wait it out! Sure there may have been information helpful towards the fight against ISIS at this target location frequented by women and children, but time is on our side as we are the greatest military power on earth. We can pick and choose our targets, based on sound military rules of engagement. We do not KILL unarmed women and children - or at least that was once the case and the last time it was practiced was by the Confederates - they lost! But ZDonald needed something as his combatant opposition was taking to the streets in massive protests - which was starting to take a toll on the "base" and "legitimacy" of the "Tower Maggot". He said he would do it, "Take out their families" and he gave "MAD DOG MATTIS" the "Green Light". But there is NOT a single "Patriot" in that office that stands today for what our U.S. Constitution was built upon - BRAVERY. And NOT just One American Citizen this ill fated raid, but also the loss of life a dedicated U.S. NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando, who went to the aid of this little girl only to be mowed down - he was trying to save the girl! Two Americans caught in an ugly crossfire. What kind of fucked up "mission accomplished" plan was this all about? At least Dubya didn't kill children for the fame.  But "We the People Denied" must remember when it came time to learn the rules of engagement, "heel spurs" didn't allow ZDonald Tyrump his time, as tennis was more important. This "premeditated raid", it had defeat written all over - but the murderer said he would go after families and this he did. And Ryan Owens from the SEAL Team saw an American in trouble and responded, yes placed his life on the line a compromising situation and that's "Heroic". I bet as he bled to death from bullet fragments and hearing the crying screams of pain and suffering that of an innocent child also bleeding to death, he cursed ZDonald Tyrump the best of wishes. Yes, Nawar Awlaki dies in Ryan's grip - huddled masses destruction. And had she been saved, she was already "banned" from entering her home here in the "Homeland". What a pathetic mess. "Mission Successful" the "Tower Maggot" told the world press while forcing his fat ass onto Marine 1, until we found out the truth. And what the fuck does he mean by "success" that being the exception he accomplished another one of his campaign promises, to go after Americans. Like Spice Spicer said during a Press Corp denial, "if you are not on board get out of the way" - bastard coped that line from Hitler. Oh, I stand corrected, the Yemen raid caught "valuable info" that we will never see as it was probably a copy of ZDonald Tyrump's "Tax Return". FUCK YOU SUCK A BANNON DICK I HOPE YOU CHOKE - then "We the People Denied" can rejoice and believe me, no mourning allowed - only celebration and the sooner the better.

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