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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I Gotta PEE!

Must be tough going, as the Tower Maggot is only getting 6-hours sleep these days, upset that he had to actually perform "You're Fired"! Tough having a real job for once - with responsibilities. It's not his approval rating of concern, how about his health rating? See, it would mean a funeral high on laughter - the best medicine and part of TrumpCare with No mourning allowed. I feel sorry for his pressmen, as they are learning the true meaning of "Defiling". With his management style, we don't need a mansion, just a latrine. He is draining the swamp, into his cesspool. Then again, 3am is the normal time of arousal for a medical condition known as an "Enlarged Prostate" - I gotta PEE! See, that is when this nation is most vulnerable, as seconds count now that the "Doomsday Clock" has been short-circuited thanks to a "minority" sneaking a "Maggot" into the White House and right by a dysfunctional Congress. And please realize, early morning here means noontime bedtime stories for Vladimir, so he can "Drop the Big One Now" before napping and we will face meltdown due - I'm PEEING! Then when Putin wakes up, if Rex Tillerson's phone is searching for a network - we're burnt toast. Yes, of course ZDonald Tyrump is doing everything he said so, to reign in lunacy over Democracy and the "Bomb Shelter" contractors are back in business after 50-years in bankruptcy. Honestly, a modern day underground "Biosphere" costs upwards $3-million and no hot-dogs included? I guess it means them 1%ers against the 5th-degree burned out Zombies! Smells like a burnt weiner? There will be no "Law & Order", so we can chase the bastards for fun! Time to practice my "Zombie" routine. And besides falling ill to Bannon's chaos theory, ZDonald wants to satisfy his fan club early on, for his next goat rope. Remember, it's all a "Reality" so ratings are important. Look, the lunatics are watching along with the rest of US - the infatuating "minority" verses the infuriated "majority" audiences. And his fans have a short "politically challenging" memory, as the grey matter is overdriven with more important critical mass stuff like keeping up with WrestleMania. Yet I am in agreement with Bannon on Paul Ryan, he has to be a Petri-dish experiment gone horribly wrong sided. Next "Goat"? In my belief the Tower Maggot is already bored, as with so much security following him around and cameras recording his every move he can't "grop" his Theresa Maybes so he is setting the stage for his daughter, Istinka, to become the 1st - so help us Obama! Wasn't it great to hear from the mastermind, yes we are at "WAR" and betrayal is "Patriotic", thank you Barack for such words of wisdom and thank you Sally Yates. "All you want to do is ride around Sally, ride Sally ride". Thanks for calling the bully's bluff. No wonder Barron hates being around Pa, and one day we may see this kid...really he was at the Trump Hotel protest with Robert De Niro? Way to go kid as 65-million fists would like to punch your dad in the face! But we are wining against the Tyrump, as this morning there was a statement from the Abandoner-in-Thief that he would honor Barack Obama's orders on LGBT rights, for the Federal workforce which trickles down to affiliated contractors. Wow, as that goes against the groin of Mike Pence and Bannon and...But this retreat away from gay right castration was due the fact the Awful Office is getting scared, with the protests from sea to shining sea and had there come so soon an "LGBT BANtering", there would have come the 1st "SICKIN" strike and this nation would have come to a screeching halt - financially. And it is happening, this financial weakening, as in two-days time the DOW has crated - down some 200 points due the world weary about this nation's future. Don't give up HOPE! This is what Barack Obama was trying to tell us just yesterday. When you get all depressed at what is going on with a ZDonald Tyrump President-Elect-Reject, just remember what Lech Walesa and his "Strike for Solidarity" did for that nation, just stop the spigot of manufacturing and trade, stop the fast-food lines, our voice will be heard. So, this "LGBT" statement is but a momentary "White Man Flag" retreat. What they don't understand is the fact "We the Majority" still rules when it comes to the guts of Democracy - a "SICKIN", since most "Unions" can no longer legally STRIKE, it has the same effect even greater as sickness happens! Remember, most employers allow 3-days sick leave without an excuse. If we halted all commerce for that time, it would be a "monetary meltdown" for the wretched rabid skunk wealth, that which is trying to bring back slavery with NO color lines. And I don't know why all this fuss about immigrants, who in hell wants to come to a country that is under surveillance by Heil Sphincter Stephen Bannon - he's a Russian Federation "SPY". With his membership in the National Security Council, he can keep Vladimir abreast of our military alertness, position and start his military madness - to be finally listed on the Harvard Alumni rooster of despicable humans. It all ready happened with that botched raid in Yemen, Mike Flynn must have given the plans to his paranoid son who passed it on to Vladimir who then gave the enemy a heads up and they knew we were coming. There has NOT been a "botched" military exercise like this since the American "Sniper" killed Pat Tillman! I was glad to see Tillman's wife speak out and against that "Muslim Ban" but have not heard a peep from the Sniper's wife - she is too busy in court suing everybody that believes in "True Democracy". But I understand that since coming out, Tillman's dissatisfaction over a Bannon branding, that General Mattis wants to exhume the hero's body and send it to Iran. So ZDonald Tower Maggot will continue on a crash course. And I cannot wait until he calls in all the eunuchs - women supporters that think they have balls voting for an imbecile - and they line up for the next "Bantering" - as anybody that voted for this piece of crap deserves to be "groped" and that vote gave him such permission. And in ending, I do believe that when Bannon was at Harvard, that he somehow studied under the "Secrets of a Mad Man", by Professor Henry Murray. And if you have a short and challenged memory span, that is where "Lawful" was born out of and the Unabomber became history. Take 100 Ted Kaczynski like minds abused, that is what we have in the Awful Office...TODAY! It gives "Incoming" an entirely different sound effect. And Thank You Harvard, for allowing "Insane Retards" to walk away with a degree!

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