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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Lineup

Damn, it's haphazard Friday night and I just settled in for beer, bag of peanuts in hand - but no Giants game? So what else to entertain the couch potatoe mentality. Look, I graduated from the Dan Quayle “on-line” school of hard luck, so don't critize my spellig be let it! Let's see what is being broadcast from the Trump entertainment network – MSNBC that is. The channel hosted by the crybaby Chris Mathews, still shedding a tear due his discovery a few summers ago that there was a crack in the Liberty Bell. And with all the attention this Rachel Madcow channel streams daily in support of “The Donald”, it must be part of that “Tower” magnate! So the line up finds, Lock-up Tulsa, followed by Lock-up Grand Rapids! Imagine wasting time watching prison life, but no different then that fake reality bullcrap from Alaska's “Lost Frontier” network. I lived in Alaska for 38-years, and when the 49er went invaded by Discovery assholes with film making equipment – it was time to retire away from this crash course on insanity. Look, the “Deadliest Catch” guys are not true Alaskan fishermen, nor is the “Billy Brown” family true grit “Last Frontier” Alaskans, that misfit family comes from Texas and reminds me more of Papa Pilgrim - as this fascination with reality is like incest! Yes, times were good in Alaska when the motto was put to practice: “Happiness is a Texan leaving with an Okie under each arm”.  Yes, we threw the bastards out, sent the trash and filth back home and Alaskans need this same strategy put to practice today, take out the slackers and the trash. But maybe there is something to it, this prison stuff in celluloid, time to try it out. Wow, WTF! Can't wait for a Dulcolax suppository commercial, as this prison life broadcast is a sacrilegious disgrace - makes one realize the mentality of the MSNBC fan club and the advertisers that forfeit common sense just to make a buck. Do humans of any intelligence watch this 1st rate filth? I have not found an iota of interest but will continue to serenade my curiosity as to why every Friday evening MSNBC turns the airwaves over in honor horror such crap, and I still have a  few beers to entertain my interest in cesspool entertainment. We interrupt this program to bring you a special presentation of "Lock-up Raw. Hillary Clinton - It Takes a Cuntry". OK, this “Double-Dip IPA” is strong truth serum, I am seeing double and hearing mysterious laughter and there appears to be a network translation error – all those packet squares on the screen freezing frames. Just a glitch but for real, hours of prison life interrupted by a "Special" addition of felon life, starring none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton! And "It Takes a CUNTry", sends the message. Look, while a youngster she was head of the "Young Republicans", a Goldwater girl by color, dress, religion and political affiliation - then she changed her upbringing for Bill?  Talk about date rape! Man, how sad! So maybe this "Special" was a prerequisite of what's to come, not for this nation, but what is in store for "Hillary". I am talking conjugal visitation rights as when the FBI finalizes its “investigative” report and forwards the results to the Justice Department for prosecution – OK it is starting to sneak preview that Bill may have found access to that “private server”. In a nutshell, it's called “SPYING” and Hillary may not have known about it so is indeed innocent – the reason the IT guy is pleading the 5th as it was more then likely a Bill dealing. I can hear it now: “I did not have...” So maybe MSNBC is staying ahead of the curve, realizing that Bill & Hillary may be headlining the Friday night “Specials”. With Hillary in her presidential limousine heading to “Lockup Chappaqua”. Which brings up a very interesting fact. If Bill is indicted for spying, but due his time spent in office he is given no jail time but incarcerated under the rules of “House Arrest”, could the White House be then included in the MSNBC Friday night airing of “Lockup”? Well for goodness sake, finally the Hillary episode of “It Takes A Cuntry” is finished and following her in the lineup, more prison life sleaze and I am glad the 6-pack has comforted my headache and hopefully when morning comes I will have forgotten all about...

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