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Monday, April 18, 2016


So George Clooney sponsors a $million$ dollar Hollywood extravaganza for Hillary Clinton, but in the end did he become the “Crock of Crooks” worst enemy and lend support to Bernie Sanders? Crock of Crooks: Those that serenade Wall Street behind closed doors and afraid to give up the transcripts – taking the 5th. Question: Do “We the People” pay for all of Hillary's gallivanting expenses? OK, Clooney's barbecue elite set the stage for his new movie, “Apocalypse Today” wherein Hillary is found to be Colonel Kurtz's daughter out of wedlock, from one on the Playboy dancers sent to Camp David to entertain Bill. Wow, makes sense, as there are a whole lot of similarities with Kurtz and Clinton, not only in the “insane” category. When the image goal gets in the way of the allegiance, we gain nothing. Hillary is in it for that reason only, the image makeover as this nation castrated the Clinton's when Bill was rehearsing with Monica and they have never forgotten that interview, “I did not have sex with that woman”. So she is trying to save face still, that the so far of record Clinton dysentery dynasty goes down in history as a viable American icon. Look, the best thing for the Clinton's is to go away, enjoy retirement, as Bill and Hillary are washed up, out-to-pasture and have nothing positive to advance this nation forward. Anyway, this black-tie affair found ticket prices at $35-thousand bucks. But George was not shy on making it publicly known that the amount of loot collected for Hillary's campaign was “obscene”, his own words and broadcast without remorse. So what did he mean by OBSCENE: “relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way - very offensive in usually a shocking way - so large an amount or size as to be very shocking or unfair”. Damn, the latter sounds like a Cuban cigar dildo, Bill's choice of Oval Office tools of the trade! Anyway, thanks to George, for not being afraid to let US in on a little secret, like maybe this is what goes on behind the scenes all the time with the Clintons – take your pick with the “OBSCENE” definition. It goes on for the other candidates as well, except Trump who is campaigning on his own dime and Bernie doesn't partake of such finger filth in the money game. But hold the “Press”, as Trump & Sanders are not bonafide candidates as they respect America. Honestly, isn't it all we are asking for in a Commander-in-Chief is a little “RESPECT”? And the latter is not always a two-way street, one can not placate both the investment world and the will of the people. We cannot have both the Wall and a middle-class society as one is the evil of the other. It follows the Mobius Strip mentality, with us or against us always finds that separation even when at the same place in time, we cannot find compromise as those on the “Street”  want to rob you of that savings. Corporate America – now run by outsiders – has no interest in the workers' life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They need us, but practice a lackadaisical attitude that breaches any “Trust” relationship, as their job is to get blood-out-of-a-turnip, that is the mandate from the investors. If today they can suck a few pennies away from my “war-chest”, then they have succeeded. It is today the worst thing that ever happened to America, as we have all been cajoled into the investment world with our retirement plans and do we really give a rat's ass about our neighbors well-being, financially speaking? If my portfolio could rob my neighbor's of half his or her worth, would I care? No, as we also want and wish blood, and my wealth is a priority over another's nest-egg. So it is interesting, with the two non-bonafide candidates, as one supports socialism, which means Wall Street best retreat and then with Trump, he doesn't need that investment support either. IMAGINE, Wall Street becoming a dead end street taken over by homeless people! Let's face the facts, as it will be either Trump or Sanders come the voting booths “Open for Business” on November 8th. But either way when it comes to tearing down that Wall, the sooner the better as that is when we get back our sovereignty and the 1% can, well give us back what has been lost over the past 25 years, during Hillary's political career. Yes, we have been tortured by special interest for that long, but we are strong even in the face of such adversarial attacks. And this is what being an American is all about, RESPECT even for those that have tried to rob us blind as we all knew it was but a matter of time wherein they would be robbed also of their childish tantrums and lust for stolen goods, and our true investment as an American, the steadfast of the middle class, that “our flag was still there”, from sea to shining sea!

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