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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Canada SUCKS

“Liar, Liar pants on fire, Bill's dick is longer then the telephone wire”, Hillary's on-the-road-again 2016 touring theme song! Please, please will one of Hillary Clinton's cohorts in rhyme send some Day After PILLS? She needs something to abort her memory loss, as she seems not able to remember what happened the day after any debates with Bernie Sanders. Else, she may be suffering from loss of memory. I am requesting that she have a scatological evaluation performed and make such study results available to her followers. Just the other day, the day after the Monday Night Fights, she went on her constituency stage and lied - or if not a preconceived lie, then she had a memory lapse. No, this is not politics as usual, something is affecting her reasoning abilities. See, she went into tizzy limbo dance accusing Sanders of being responsible for Sandy Hook, because he refused to hold responsible the gun manufacturers by failing to sign legislation that would have allowed victims of such crimes to blame innocent bystanders. Look, blame is based on preponderance of the evidence. So a wacko gets a gun, runs amuck with murdering kids and Hillary and her supporters want to blame the gun manufacturers who were not even close to any crime scene, as an accomplice? Let's take it one step closer to what Hillary forgot. Say Congress did pass legislation that would allow the gun manufacturers to be liable, which means the “Corporation” would come under attack and when the lawyers get involved, that means the CEO and the low-life janitor along with investors are in the Sarah Palin cross-hairs. In today's world, with pensions finding widespread affiliation with all kinds of lucrative scams - as we all want to be rich - we all most likely have investment strategies that are in some way shape or form concealed within a gun manufacturer or material supplier. Hey, we invest in the “War MACHINE”, so are we guilty of mass murdering abroad? Now such investments in that retirement account, you won't see it, as it is hidden away. I checked my Phineas J. Whoopee retirement portfolio, and sure enough my representative has some of my loot stashed away in an investment that supplies steel tubes used for gun barrels. So, am I guilty if that barrel was used to kill kids? According to Hillary I am. Anyway, she forgot what Bernie really said during the debates and cause for concern that she is not getting enough sleep or is showing early signs of dementia, as she was way off base when she delivered her villainous speech the day after and went on the attack, by forgetting! But I am waiting for the candidate that swears he or she “HATES” Canada. We hear all this bickering about a “WALL” on the U.S. & Mexican border, as we are getting infiltrated by trash crashing the crossings. But wait just a minute, as we are also under attack up north, as the Canadian government is allowing our senior citizens to be ripped, in the tune of $BILLIONS$. Yes, scam artists allowed freedom to operate such scams are targeting our seniors and stealing away our inheritance at alarming rates. And it is causing many veterans taken into this scam to commit suicide once the scam is discovered and a huge amount of one's pension has been confiscated. My dad ran into this, after he lost a fair amount of money when Wall Street robbed his initial nest egg – during the stock market manipulation crash. Sure it was manipulated, as the money lost by many investors was not “burned”, it just exchanged hands. So he was desperate to leave his kids something, so went engaged in this scam that sounded too good to be true and even though we tried to stop it, the Canadian lawmen allows amnesty this crime orchestrated from abroad, that which targets the “Homeland”. Sure the RMP does catch a few of the crooks, but only those that can be extradited back to the states. If you are a Canadian, like Ted Cruz, you can run these scams forever targeting United State's citizens - namely WWII vets - and get away with it and take away their military retirement. It is allowed, as citizens of Canada find sovereignty away from prosecution such crimes committed here! My dad got taken in, he was guaranteed a new car, a second car and a credit card that would compensate him for all the fees he paid out for some sweepstakes scam wherein the winnings were never claimed, so the “government” was behind this he was told by the asshole with that French accent. He never received the car or the other car and the credit card was not a freebie, but one that had outrageous rates. So he is broke, lives on a meager Social Security pension and today wonders why he fought for this nation that protected Canada. And guess what, that credit card has been assigned to a Canadian bank that has hired a debt collector in the states to harass my dad! I tried calling my Congress over this matter, the aide said the office doesn't handle complaints of this nature? When he dies, I hope the bastards that he is in-debt too show for the funeral – as it will be repayment time! In all honesty, maybe we should aim our rockets towards that northern nation. Look, North Korea calls our bluff and we pay Netanyahoot a whole lot of attention, when at the same time we hear very little about how the Canadians are getting away with rape here in the states. It is a silent killer, not only in this aspect as Canadian banks are also causing the same havoc in Alaska by taking over the United States military infrastructure and giving not a rat's ass about anything else except more rape upon the U.S. Taxpayers. They are not our friends, just using that image as a ways and means to castrate – the same with Hillary. Look, believe it or not, CANADA is too blame for its fair share of abuse upon the United States as when those that fort so bravely to secure this nation's independence find themselves under attack by that very same nation we have defended for many long years, all the hate talk about the Chinese and wetbacks is but mild mannered with what is really going on. What is going on along that northern border makes the southern fame tame in comparison. And if I ever catch the bastards that ripped off my dad or your dad, amnesty will be a castration and I will hand deliver the goods to my representative that reneged on protecting our war veterans! When our Congress, when our government cannot secure and protect those that fort for our independence, then we as a nation have failed, as our elected officials have become “Turncoats”! Look, this scam is nothing new, yet our Congress just laughs in the face of the torture upon the victims – as it proves a one man ARMY is but a joke in their eyes! My Country 'Tis of Thee? How about “Oh Canada, Oh Canada” as to what is heard in the Halls of Congress today, silent but deadly. It is time for all able bodied Americans to re-access that northerly...sorry as “neighbor” is no longer a talking point!

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