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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Modern Industrialized Hate

Modern Industrialized Hate, is happening before our very own eyes and ears, a phenomenon growing leaps and bounds, exponentially dangerous since it was announced that Donald Trump was "In"! The hidden gene in our DNA has been awakened, like Frankenstein alive and well from the cesspool breath of the crypt. Like a cancer looking for an innocent victim, it was always sneaking around looking for a revival purpose and now with a Donald Trump fan-club that fosters hate, the animal is restless and finds reason to invade tranquility. We are prejudice by birthright, we discriminate in the normalcy of life, a bad gene it is as humans are far from perfect - it takes time to rid away the inherited evil ways and means. We have the ability and capability to restrict temptations to practice on a fellow man this dereliction that goes against the grain of "Brotherly Love". We have been very good at it, but like the saying goes still today that "all good things must come to an end", there comes a turning point, as the seesaw has become unbalanced. And it doesn't take much to overload mankind in the wrong direction, this crucifixion at hand. With so many taking to a "Box Church" on Sunday the day of worship, why is there so much of this "Hatred"? False god's worshiped ring a bell? Snake-oil preachers, with a hidden agenda? When I see Mr. Obama these days, there is a "for crying out loud" expression of anger, like infuriated that after the long haul we are faced with an election before us controlled, with such ugly results already front and center our attention - to some delight. Why? The Russian Federation wants this nation to self-destruct, it is that simple. By starting an internal strife, wherein it is an "us against them" mentality with an outcome that breaks this nation apart for good. The "Us against Them", we Americans sea to shining sea that don't share to kindly opinions with our neighbors. And the weapon of choice, the "Hatred" seeded within us. There was a reason Vladimir Putin became involved in the 2016 election, as a means of destruction the decency of "Capitalism" and this nation's freedoms. He was jealous this nation's way of life and his lifelong goal, tear it apart. A remnant of a Cold-War mentality, based on that same seed we all share affiliated with "Hate". It's a worldwide phenomenon, still amongst us strong. So, awaken the devil in us and when the smoke clears, praytell what it will look like. By taking this nation down for the count, when we as a nation had become so divided, the time was ripe for this chilling war too commence. It is a "WAR" in its infancy today, but one that will find repercussions for decades to come. It is the cheapest way to take down an enemy,  a cyber-war it was and the battle plans were laid out a long time ago. Regime change, that is what the Russian Federation was instrumental in having success upon, from abroad and an impact on our way of life that is hard to describe.  Said again, just look at the frustration on Obama, he knows what has taken over. The Federation won, as look at what is before us today in a "Trump" dysentery dynasty, already making waves of protest. A "puppet" government that is of power by the minority vote, as in a "Democracy", is not the winner take all - the popular vote reigns supreme? I was NOT a Hillary Clinton fan, neither was Vladimir, so there was reason for the Federation to become involved and making sure it was Trump that takes over the United States' "Oval Office". I agree with the many scholars that have already spoken up, including Mr. Obama, that Donald Trump is unfit for the U.S. Presidency. I wonder what Vladimir thinks - he won! And the sad thing, we know today that the Federation became involved, our national security experts have said so, yet we maintain on this destructive course because we have no longer "Statesmen" that give a damn. As a "Nation Divided" we are powerless, as that "bad gene" has found its calling and we did not heed the warning, "Divided We Fall"! Hatred manifests  a continuation of that "Divide", the foundation of this nation's liberty torn apart, weaker and weaker the wider this "Division". And the seesaw, with a Donald Trump presidency now a load of contention, the balance is lost! And about the only thing that may soften the blow and wherein we find a way out of this mess, maybe we should ask Ted Kaczynski what he thinks about it all? See, Ted was a fallout of the same mind game that Putin has engaged our once civilized society, based on the experiments secretly administered to students by well-known Harvard Professor of Psychology Henry Murray. Yes premeditated "mind games" against one's will wherein "Hatred" was aroused by "Hatred", to see how it affected the mind - exactly what stole away Ted's conscious. The abuse doctrine based on that DNA malfunctioning some more through "Hate verses Hate" who will win no-one, and we were blinded by the might of Putin and now we are caving in under pressure. We are all in the "Unabomber" mode of destruction, self-destruction it is upon our Democracy. Yes, blame it on Trump, as he never paid any income tax - so Putin found a non-American that loves "Hatred" and "Hates" our Democracy. Trump, he was the perfect storm for the Federation's obligation to take down this nation before Putin becomes history. I guess Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is something also to think about, as too how it was Putin and Trump that set us on this course of destruction against each other. A way out this self-inflicted domestic terrorism and violence we are all part of today, ~ IMAGINE! ~

Perpetrator on the "Left"
Victim on the "Right"

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