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Saturday, November 12, 2016

4,500,000 Now What?

Maybe barricade the "Tower", as this reminds me of the lynching mentality of the old West, when cattle thieves were rounded up then strung up for Saturday Night live entertainment. "Teach your children well..." Amazing, American ingenuity at its best, as the lynching mob is gaining a head count of 600 brave men & woman per minute, from sea to shining sea, this is for real. Like an Oklahoma dust storm racing across the prairie, anyone in the tracks of this phenomenon being drafted to the front-lines. So a "We the People Denied" finds before us a petition growing in popularity, by leaps and bounds even this early morning Saturday. Instead of people sleeping in, they are up in arms the Donald Trump Dysentery Dynasty getting ready to move into 1400 Pennsylvania - with his wife Melanoma, how about "Transylvania"? Sarah Palin is responsible for the navigation, as she is good with directions. The Alaskan babe has keen eyesight - I can see Russia from my Wasilla backyard - and is on the Trump transition "Think Tank". Team qualification? Divide by zero error. Pinch me, as I hate "Reality" shows but seemed to have been sucked up in this mind game. Anyway, a petition on is reaching monumental record breaking interest. It was started just after Hillary went into solitary confinement, started by Elijah Cummingsberg of North Carolina. It calls for the "Electoral College" to vote in Hillary instead of Trump. Yes, the "Electors" hold the right to chose anybody they want to represent this nation and have a duty beyond casting the "popular vote", it is called "Honor". Now I am not advocating a win for Hillary, nay say on a Trump takeover! I think the Electors should hold back all votes, let the Constitution play out what the Founding Fathers envisioned when "evil-doers" and "evil-donors" are all we have to vote for, and with that we are making a serious mistake. But the "Petition" is bringing in 600 inductees per minute. Trump best do something, he's under fire, like "You're Fired"! So I am sweetening the pot with the following:

$25,000 REWARD
Dear Faithless Republican Electors, hear ye hear ye, from sea to shining sea;

I have been awarded "additional" bipartisan funds in the amount of $7.5-Million, to cover the gratitude you as a "True Patriot" are eligible to receive in exercising your Constitutional duties as a "Faithless Elector", should you hold back publishing your vote with the "Electoral College" posse due to arrive in Washington in January. This "REWARD" is for the electors of the reigning republican ticket candidate Donald Trump & Mike Pence. This is not a bribe, but a bonafide "REWARD" for making sure this nation is not taken over by an individual "Unfit" for such duty. We must let the Constitution play out, as there is a remedy designed by the Founding Fathers as a backup when the "Faithless Elector" finds reason alone to protect this nation and refrain from one's duty as an official elector. This "REWARD" is in lieu of the fine imposed for NOT voting, which will also be covered should your state impose such a penalty for being "Patriotic"!

The FIRST AMERICAN - A NOT for Profit Organization

Faithless Patriotic Electors interested in this "REWARD", contact Spam McGee via "Private Server",

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