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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Thrust Augmentation

Dear Hillary & Sleazebag Bill;

You fucked us enough, we don't need the "after-burn" sensation. So please, take Chelsea out of politics, for heaven's sake. Look Hillary, you were a poor choice for a presidential candidate, even Donald Trump whupped your ass out of the running, and now he is ruining this nation. You should have known better, and retired away into the sunset with your Wall Street bonanza. When is enough truly enough? Go away, stay out of this nation's business, as we have tasted enough of your destruction, must now contend with and don't need a Chelsea to add fuel to the fire. Your greed screwed us all over. By not even getting close, as the mirror polls show that Bernie would have beaten up Trump by 34 Electoral votes, Trump's reign of terror will set back human rights 500-years. Many of us realized this when you went selfish, and today we have before us what that means for the future. So please, isn't it time to send the "Clinton" name away, for good. One last thing, when will you grow up and stop blaming others for your misfortunes? Retire, and repeat after me 1000000000000 times: "I shall not tell another lie, so help me..."

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