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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

La de freakin' da Dude

National "Flag Burning" Day
I honestly believe that the day after Donald Trump and his punk posse makes a law that bans burning the Russian Federation flag, that "We the People Denied" gather together all 63-million of us, and "Burn" the Real McCoy in protest. Small hand held flags will suffice, and who cares about carbon sequestration, as with a Richie-Rich mindset we are under "castration" by a politically polluted evil. Donald is proposing that those indicted for burning the flag be denied citizenship and incarcerated for a year. He seems to be on a role this "citizenship denial", which means a whole lot of mischief like activity. "Denial of Citizenship" could become a normal crime sentencing under the "Tower Maggot's" regime. Think about it, burn the flag get one year wherein you can't work, can't vote, can't travel, can't do nothing. And they thought Hitler was a Helter Skelterian!

Is Kellyanne Conway trying to sabotage the "Tower" before his term of endangerment even begins? Of course she is, as she knows that a Donald Trump win was a fluke and she is smart enough to realize that "The Donald" cannot run this nation, except into the ground. She fears for the future, and is doing her civic duty to paint a picture of what is in store for democracy - a noose! So maybe there is time, wherein the "Tower" will implode and then Congress will be called to action to mobilize a leadership that can save this sinking ship.

Trump - Medical Dictionary
Take the "Top 100" prescription drugs sold to Americans today. Now take the "side effects" for the top pass, combine then beat well and voila - the Donald Trump definition dictates a bad bowel movement. Look, this guy is a piece of shit, no matter which way you look at him. Sad day in AMERICA it is...
Give me about a half teacup of dysentery...
Now I need a pound of explosive diarrhea...
Now give me four tablespoons of foaming at the mouth...
Now a little pinch of penis puss...
Now give me a half a pint of vomit...
Now beat, well.
(Sing to tune of Memphis Soul Stew)

OK, to those that cast a vote for Hypocrisy over Democracy, Donald Trump is a "Beach Haven Maggot": Maggot - a soft-bodied legless grub that is the larva of a house pest fly and develops usually in decaying organic matter or as a parasite in plants or animals.

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