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Monday, November 14, 2016

Good Gesture?

Wow, only 7-days into the Trump U.S. President "Elect" and his jerkgacy is unfolding. See, "We the People Denied" are already seeing the fruits of our labor returned - under Donald John Trump! Yes indeed, I - so with you comrade - am richer this morning by $0.0049 cents, if Trump keeps his word and doesn't except the generosity of the U.S. Taxpayers for his term. "Will work for...?, Trump's mydoll operandi! Hopefully only a single term of endangerment it is. Maybe Vladimir will change his mind and offer up a coup d'├ętat! OK, enjoy the bonus, as it amounts to 1/700th the price of a Starbucks. But herein why Trump refuses to accept any tips from "We the People Denied". If Donald accepted the $400000 salary for holding up in the "Oval Office" - remember Donald there are cum stained bull's-eyes behind that fresh Bush paint - he would then have a bonafide income wherein...drum roll please, he would have to pay taxes upon. And that goes against the grain - why start now to help support things like, a strong military, re-surfaced highways and bridges that can withstand a 8.5 Richter. IMAGINE, going through life never helping out - it is so, so Un-Patriotic. And what's with the Grand piano background - more like a Gran Torino administration. 

"Comrade? Leader?"
"Brother & Leader!"

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