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Monday, November 14, 2016

What Warranty?

An all important date in the year 2017 is January 17th, just 3-days shy the swearing in of...No not the 1st female U.S. President elect, the 1st Paranoia Schizoid Hemorrhoid reject, as Commander-in-Chief. Look. I watched only 30-microseconds of the "Apprentice", for "Real" Donald Trump is taking over the Oval Office? Anyway, while the work crews prepare for the "Inauguration Day" festivities, there is another important thing going on in the same place the "I swear" takes place. The sentencing of General James "Hoss" Cartwright in Federal Court. See, the "Hoss" was indicted for telling a reporter a little white lie about foreign intelligence, that which was confidential but from an old project now defunct. Regardless, he was indicted. Trump mentioned several times during the debates and road show campaigns that it was unfair that this 4-Star General was under fire while Hillary was not, for the same kind of crime. So, so late in the day, Obama may not have the time to pardon a member of his Joint Chiefs of Staff. In fact, Obama may hold out just to test the integrity of the hemorrhoid. Which means the request for "Pardon Me", it may come across the Donald's desk soon after Barack departs, and then Mr. Trump sets precedence, freedom for...? Which means Hillary, well like Trump said just yesterday, "they're good people". He gave away the evidence, as to why nothing ever happened with the Comey FBI investigation - it was Bill who had access to State secrets.  Trump is already softening up, he will pardon the "Hoss" which opens up the door to pardon "Good People". Which means Bill and Hillary can enjoy retirement, good! Now 25% of the Trump vote came from individuals that wanted Hillary "locked up", it ain't going to happen, so already 15-million Trump supporters disenfranchised. And one day the "Wall" is being built, the next day "Maybe" and just yesterday that "Wall" meant merely an increase in border patrol agents, nothing solid. Add another 28-million to the disintegrating, I mean disenfranchised list. So, when I was a kid, we called this an "Indian Giver". Trump is changing his tune faster than when he was the chaplain of "You're hired now fired", what he said he would do to win the vote of the Russian Federation, well he is now reneging. He used filth only to excite filth and now is...if you voted for Trump you forgot to invest in a "WARRANTY". Only an imbecile would have taken the bait now switched. And now word from the Bribebart, gutting only a portion of ObamaCare? Remember this, when Clinton became the 42nd after H.W. failed to see the light, Bill realized that Reaganomics was still working and was smart enough to leave well enough alone. Trump is already seeing the light, of what Obama has constructed over the past 8-years and realizes best not make waves. In fact, if Trump is a true "Trooper", let's see what he does with the "Green" incentive tax break credit for renewable energy, as this will be the true test his loyalty to Wall Street. See, his side of the isle hates "Green" on its face, but after it gained popularity with the swank and file, it is huge republican energy companies that have stepped up to the plate to take advantage of the "credit". Look, believe it or not, Trump is more "Liberal" then Hillary Clinton, a softy, the reason Putin was allowed to change the course of history - as he saw what was coming down the pike with a Madam Secretary at the helm and would rather deal with a nerdoholic. So, the disenfranchised vote comes to a grand total of 60350239, which means only 2 votes remain unaccounted for - that of Donald and Vladimir, like peas in a pod puddle!

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