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Thursday, November 3, 2016


That word, so precious! Especially today, with only 5-days left before "We the People" head to the polls to cast thy cherished vote. With all the last minute late inning slamming, I am glad I still reserve that right, too hell with early voting. Yes, PATRIOTISM, "oh say can you see". Now what is truly "Patriotic" today, it is the FBI investigating the Clinton's every which way but loose. I feel sorry for Chelsea, being the only child - we think - she bears the grunt of her parent's slime trails. Many think the FBI's timing so close the 2016 election is obstructionism at its best, a partisan witch hunt designed to cast the Clinton name away from future fame. But the FBI is performing its duty, to make sure this nation finds not corruption moving into power, when it is so blatantly orchestrated by the Clintons before our very own eyes! Sure it is a well known fact that many interested in politics enter that arena with an honest attitude and overtime become "corrupt", but when we know it beforehand and do nothing, then we need an FBI. It is like a political RICO, as how much more racketeering and corruption can we stand? With the polls showing Clinton a slight edge over a wacko, is not this enough to caution the voters? Doesn't appear to be a bother with many, so this is when we rely on Big Brother to lend a helping hand. See, we want to exercise that "Vote", but when there exists harm on the horizon, somebody must take over wherein we may fail to see the light. Now Hillary may be smiling come the midnight hour next Tuesday, but with the evidence growing daily with respect no respect with patriotism side-tracked by greed for wealth, I doubt if she will be seen walking up to the podium next January with her abuser husband, to be  sworn in as the 45th Commander-in-Chief. From "Private Servers" to "Pay-to-Play" and the Clinton's having comrades throughout the bureaucracy that throw up hurdles in efforts to confront Constitutional justice, even notable attorneys that lie and cheat for her freedom, "We the People" have been bush-whacked by her steadfast "Trust Me" smirk. I am a Democrat, and most of us on this side of the isle have reason to doubt her sincerity, she's evil - and running against a wackomaniac. Look, if Helter Skelter gets the vote, it is then up to the Congress to show its hand with respect to "Patriotism" and "Object" all the way to the Supreme Court. We cannot have a wacko or a cheat taking over for Obama! So I place my "Trust" in the FBI, and Patriotism in the belief that Chief Comey is trying to fend for us. And just the other day the White House - which is Obama still - that entity was on record comfortable with what the FBI was doing, as Obama wants what is best for the future upon his nation. I am sure that if Obama could tell the truth his feelings about how Hillary screwed up his legacy in the remaining hours of his command...well we all know how he feels. It's OK Mr. Obama, as you served this nation with honor. So there is more than enough evidence surrounding the Clinton's that would have indicted that "ham sandwich" numerous times, not for the same crimes but a multitude of revenge crimes. See, when Bill and Hillary were impeached it hurt, so they grew weary of "Patriotism" and set out on a course of destruction, a storybook of "Their gain, Our pain". In any other modern day country with "Law Abiding" citizens, the Clinton's would have already been facing time for the crimes. Now I don't believe that Bill and Hillary should actually be jailed, or fined, just sent to retirement and disqualified from ever again holding any office affiliated with the United States. So bravo the FBI, for doing what it is supposed to be doing, even under pressure from the Clinton Comrade slime brigade. We must remember that it was ineptness that failed the GOP, and it ended up with a wacko candidate. With the Democrats, after what has transpired, it is a party of corruption and with the GOP a thing of the past, so will such inbred corruption fail the remaining party. When the "People" lose faith, Patriotism takes over, and when the smoke clears away ashes-to-ashes death-to-death, a new voice from sea to shining sea will be heard on high. And so refreshing it will be that "Our flag was still there" throughout, as no matter how "We the People" are trampled upon, nobody, no wealth status has the stamina that can ruin our "Patriotism. If on January 20th we hear either a Trump or Clinton being sworn in, then this nation has DIED and I was wrong about "Patriotism", as we sold out for pennies on the dollar and welcomed in death over liberty!

"Bye, bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye
Singin' this'll be the day that I die
This'll be the day that I die"

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