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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama’s Biggest Challenge

I once thought that Obama’s toughest challenge was in defense his “American Recovery & Re-investment Act”, as the economy sent toward ruins by George W. Bushcheney was the incoming president elect’s “Biggest Challenge”. On the way out of town, Bush and Cheney cohoodlums ransacked the White House and killed our bread & butter! Even the toilet paper dispenser in the Oval Office “crapper” was found empty! The only thing for the wipeout, a bunch of papers left behind that read “This Page Left Intentionally Blank”, George Bush’s memoirs! That “Obama Stimulus Act” became law way back in February 17, 2009, after only 29-days in office – when the Obama family was still moving into the White House. And when that “Executive Order” hit the sitting Congress that had been “asleep at the wheel” as Bushcheney destroyed our Constitutional conviction, many wanted to start impeachment hearings against the 44th, saying the “Stimulus” was a racket. Wow, does Trump Tower have it made, as the economy is robust and we have a higher level of peace throughout the globe – he can just sit back and smile. What’s that I hear, the “Soup Nazi” regime is already committed to a $Trillion$ dollar bailout? Something is wrong, as NOT a single republican member of Congress is stepping up to the plate this thievery upon the U.S. Treasury – we don’t need a stimulus as Obama has already fixed things for future generations to come! How stupid is the American voter? How come NO calls to start an “Impeachment”? Of course, maybe that loot is coming from “Russia with Love”. But it was towards the end of Obama’s 2nd term wherein the Chief had to change gears, and horses in midstream. Everything up to that point, it was executive legislation that helped “All Americans”, as party affiliation was not part of Obama’s America. In fact, Obama even stayed away from the 2016 election, until towards the end when Donald Trump was about to turn the entire populace into Nazi all, or else. But when the Hillary Clinton “Private Server” caught the Oval Office off-guard, well that is wherein we saw Obama then taking the stance a different side with respect to “what is best for national security” - over the citizens demands. See, in the end it is a system of merit designed to protect the citizens, but what we see in between appears to be fluff protection for Hillary, when she is just an innocent bystander. What needed to be done, well it allows circuit breakers to “Trip” as power to fix things circumvents the normal distribution. See, I have covered the “Server & e-mail” conundrum since its inception. I believe that FBI Comey did what was right, as in the end the evidence was pointing the investigation towards the Oval Office, and it involved NOT Hillary as a primate suspect, but another Clinton – yes Bill Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States in trouble again, and of record “Impeached” already. So when the entire “hack” started and went discovered by “Hillary Hatred”, that which started a “witch hunt” of unprecedented lynching, it was NOT Hillary to blame, but Bill – there came evidence that which stimulated the dilemma Obama’s White House was facing. A facelift was required, and that is wherein “We the People Denied” become suspicious. So going strong into the 2016 election with only a Trump and Clinton, the White House went into hiding – the evidence that is today “sealed” through “Executive Order” privilege which needed to be sheltered. Said again, the repercussions to act otherwise would have been devastating to this nation’s placement on the world-wide scale of things “Good”. That evidence, if not hidden away from public scrutiny as well as secure away from “Untouchable” members of Congress, it would have set the stage for tests upon the Constitution that could and would have caused a “Mutiny”. “All Things considered”, that is what Obama did in the face of destruction when our system had been breached and thus compromising many aspects of the way this nation does business. The $Billion$ dollar payments we are sending over to Iran is testament the infiltration, as we are paying out a ransom. Bill allowed the “Breach”, through carelessness while sitting upon his Chappaqua “Crapper” smoking a cuban, but the fact that he had access to Hillary’s “Server”, that is a close call for espionage. And there were other things discovered, like Donald trump’s association with criminals and Vladimir Putin! So “Love it or Leave it”, that is what happened. It is what FBI Comey has been crying-out-loud trying to tell us – as without the evidence so sealed away for safekeeping, he has no case. So any information that would normally be reserved as part of the records retention requirements, it is under seal today and probably will not be available for another 25-years – wherein discovery will be a moot point. Obama is hiding the goods, upon Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. He must, as with either Hillary or Trump having the potential to win that 2016 election, with either Bill or Donald under investigation with the “loose lips sinks ships”, it would have been devastating this nation’s worth – far worse off what the Buchcheney days of distrust entertained us with. So yes, under normal circumstances Hillary would have been disqualified, Bill would have been indicted and very possible that Mr. Trump would also come under fire of “Disqualified” and that makes this nation a weakling! And you can see it on Obama’s face, missing is that mile long smile of success, because he has been very transparent over the past 8-years, we are a better nation indeed because of such honesty. But when things are good all around, we find not viable candidates to succeed, as we are out-of-tune - to which I fault Obama, because he did too good a job as Commander-in-Chief. Suffer we will, because so many were afraid and still afraid to admit that a “Black Man”, once a color of slavery in the South could take the helm’s demands and command, without a grudge past atrocities and NOT try to seek revenge. Obama, he will go down as the “Greatest U.S. President”, in due time you shall see what his presidency has done for mankind. And because we still cannot come to grips his greatness, that is wherein we are forced upon with falsehoods, like in a Donald Trump…well it has become a “Reality Show” and the “Soup Nazi” is dishing it up, piss him off and you will go to bed famished.
The Chappaqua "Crapper", where it all began!

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