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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Urine Trails

Many fascinated with Science Friday and G-men conspiracy theories - and new to the scientific scene Donald Trump complacency hypothesis - those interested seem to offer a continued response in efforts to chastise or accept the "Chemtrails" phenomenon. Those aberrations that appear to invade the sky, condensed water-vapor trailing behind a jet plane that appear to linger "ghost" like and rolling about as if some sort of experiment - defying gravity and atmospheric air current normalcy. The latest "conspiracy" speaks of Donald Trump thinking of using the engine exhaust vapors for biological welfare, by seeding the "trails" with Viagra - buy stock today! I guess he feels if everybody is f&%#ing around, ain't no time for hand-to-hand combat. But I have been studying the "Urine Trails", as it is a more down to earth science. What the...I am at the airport and the gate agent just called for early boarding. Kids in strollers, seniors with canes, people faking a handicap with pilot dog in tow and low and behold now a bunch of soldiers! But I don't recognize the uniforms...closer look. It's Russian Federation troops, boarding early on a plane here in the "Heartland". I thought that early "All Aboard" gesture was in honor of "OUR" troops? I forgot, with Trump...anyway, the "Urine Trails" theory takes place at our busy airports. It starts early in the am, after the minimum wage butler has cleaned the floors of the stalls. Get used to that word "Butler", as under a Trump Tower dictatorship we all fall under the same umbrella - US verses them, salt-of-the-earth verses the caviar crowd. For US, it's a title upgrade, with less benefits. But the urine trails, worse today then when I started gathering the data for the research some 5-years ago. See, when the airlines restructured due the high cost of jet fuel courtesy of George W. Bushcheney, wherein fewer flights meant crowded flights we cater to the sardine can class - the urine went out of control as there was no time in between the day for the butler to clean up the piss bath mess. The airlines have become very efficient, yet there is a fallout. See, we are so panicked with rushing from here to there and everywhere in between, because we know it is just a matter of time Donald starts throwing around the nuclear football and Melanomia...So when "on the ground" and a station break calls, we rush to the urinal. OK, maybe this is a guy thing as trying to piss when 50-thousand feet up and away in the sway with the Chemtrails - maybe it's piss vapor! But when down to earth, the piss path begins, as the puddle gets larger and larger each plane that unloads over the course of the day and over time the path gets longer and longer, from each and every crowded latrine to departure gate, and we track it everywhere even onboard the planes. Look, did you ever see a bonafide study, yet? It is something they don't want you to know about, as if it went public we would all be wearing booties. Urine, it's everywhere! Yes, the soles of our shoes are like a cesspool tracking sponge - Number1 efficient. From the latrines overflowing because we don't have time to arrest the drip action pissing on the run, all the way...Mom's, don't let your babies grow-up to be airport crawlers! But with a Donald Trump Tower Dysentery Dynasty, the piss trail takes on a new meaning. As soon the Oval Office will be overflowing with urine. It will boil-over into the streets of the beltway, from sea to shining sea, we will be inundated with urine sprawl over urban the Tower stands erect. "Piss on them scumbag low-lifers", the Donald Trump Legacy already in the making, and if we don't protest his taking over we will not only be crawling in the Trump Tower urine giveth, but treading a urine bath for a living.

The above clip shows the "Urine Trails" on 11/27/2015 at a popular destination airport. Capture of "Urine" made possible by the use of a sophisticated "Glowing Infrared Time Domain Reflectometer" guided drone. 

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