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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bribebart NEWS Post#666-d

From the Watch-Tower Blues: Of course Donald Trump's "Transition Detail" has not contacted the Department of Homeland Security, nor the Department of State or the Justice Department, causing concern he is falling behind the inherent obligation to engage in-the-know government officials. Please give Mr. 666 a break, it's all new and he finds his freedoms challenged and "Money can't buy me..." That's Trump's "Code Name", 666. Look, give him time as he is busy contacting the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, along with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Federation...priorities first. Busy man these days hiring a bunch of wannabe political ass-kissing perverts just so he can yell out "You're Fired", and he also has a street naming celebration to attend, in Ryazan RUSSIA! Fascist communism loves this guy! And did Giuliani really have business ties to "Enemies of the State"? If Mr. New York New York had business dealings with Venezuela, he is guilty of RICO and many other "House Arrest" violations. Instead of "Lock Her Up"...It is mind-boggling that this Trump momentum, with all the questionable and illegal baggage, cannot it be stopped in its tracks we must retreat or else face destruction - there is still a few months left before Armageddon is sworn in to insult the U.S. Constitution, we hold hope. Look, well known fact, rich people despise the Constitution because the foundation of the "Great Emancipator" by our Founding Fathers is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - for ALL! Thum rich bastard kids hate us for that! And as data filters in, the 2016 election was "Rigged". As according to liar's almanac officials, rumor that along the Northern states buses carried people over the border from Canada, as buses skip-scorched the "Union's" jurisdictional boundaries, so an illegal "dual citizenship maybe" from Canada could have cast a vote and a legal person could have voted "Twice". When the influx ratio of voters is analyzed, the radar paints a rather peculiar scenario, and a new color emerges called "RIGGED", a "yellow matter custard" like part of the spectrum. Just look at what happened up in Wyoming, wherein "Voter Turnout" was 125%? On a cold and blistery November 8th, no way in hell that kind of turnout, this is America. No wonder Trump never talks of building  a wall up north! And many districts that saw a record turnout, even when booths closed early in efforts to disenfranchise the spirit, mail-ins with weird names went counted without question. Like Michail I. Vanovi and when disciplined, appears a Russian namesake! On the question of whether or not "WE the PEOPLE DENIED" can stop this out-of-control ship-wreck, it's easy. We stop paying taxes, let Trump double up on the 60-million that wasted a vote out of stupidity. We can also call for a National Work Stoppage, as when the White House janitor is a no show, god help us the Trumps can't wipe their own ass. Because to the 666 family, minimum wage is defined by - the shit wiping routine. Wow, what an idea. Heard of "Skunk Lure Scent", how about a "Trump Defend Lure Scent", better yet "Trump Repellent", a foul smelling taste of what's to come in 2017!

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