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Friday, November 18, 2016

Inauguration Goodies

Wake up America, it's the "Greatest Reality Show" of the century, the circus is in town! As Melonomia Trump "hawks" $10000 "Inaugural Bracelets" while her husband is busy auctioning off American liberty to the lowest bidder - some chump named Vladimir - I have my own "Get Rich" quick scam. I am selling "Trump Blows Snot" Inaugural hanker-chefs, at..well a donation will do.

Yes, Donald Trump is auctioning off Miss Liberty faster than when he shaved Vince McMahon's head after a WWW brawl, because she statue is for real, not an import imposter like Melonomia. And his staff, well it is being molded after "Action Characters": Mike Pence as "Mr. Clean", Chris Christie as "The Circus Fat Man", Jeff Sessions as "Villain Brain Gremlin". There will be more to come, and I cannot wait for the day I can yell out, "Good Riddance". But being a short order cook with a migraine temperament...just in, Trump settles with Plaintiffs in "Trump University" scam - and no wrong doing of record, as a bribe of $25-million can go a long way to make people shut-up. And when Trump found out that most of his victims lining up for a cash'n carry getaway were Hillary Clinton supporters, he has reneged on his balking away from the $400000 presidential salary, saying to hell with the "brats" and using the Indian Giver excuse as a ways and means to pay back...IMAGINE "We the PEOPLE DENIED" paying the debt of a "criminal", the new fringe benefits of the Oval Office "fringed"!

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