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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bribebart NEWS Leaks#666-a

Towerleaks: November 14, 2016

Caution: The following notes were stolen from the "Trump Towers" by a mole in the Donald Trump "Transition Team" and made available for entertainment purposes only.

Donald Trump, as a sign of solidarity, insisted that he will only work with members of Congress that "do as I say" and not collect a salary, likewise his refusal to accept the $400000 presidential wage. Due the fact it may cause a hardship, he will entertain working with members of Congress - both sides - those that opt to only receive the minimum hourly wage during the Congressional session, which amounts to a yearly take-home of $42000. Jokingly, Trump said that "food stamps" would be available to democratic members in need.

Donald Trump wants to install a "Lie Detector" in the Oval Office, so he can test members of Congress, and Melania's speeches(Joke).

Donald Trump plans to cut Federal jobs in half. Deportation to the un-employment lines - his own words(Joke) - will not be based on seniority, but party affiliation scorecards. Tea Party scores a (3), GOP a (2), Rat a (1) and any other, water-boarding was suggested.

Dress Code: The White House will now have a new "Dress Code", wherein "Red Ties" will be a pre-requisite to any functions, business or pleasure. (The "Red Tie" became Donald's "Trademark" and is in solidarity the "Silver Shirt Legion", to which his dad Fred was a proud member. David Duke had a lynching orgasm when he heard this.)

Donald verified that Trump Tower once sat on the site wherein the 1st battle against equal housing was fort out by his dad. Trump Tower will remain the "True White House", as a fortress against equality.

Donald Trump is in a very funny mood these days, he is convinced that Sarah Palin's 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue would be a better location then 1600, as he says there's a bad smell in the White House from the current occupiers.

Donald believes that if Mike Pence wants to remain a closet "gay", then he should seal his congressional "junk" e-mails until he dies, as that stuff could be too revealing.

Donald's words of advice to Senator John McCain. I already "Reset" relations with Vladimir Putin, how soon the old bastard forgets, must be dementia. See, back in July Donald proudly asked Putin to break into this nation's security network. It worked, and thus Hillary was toast.

~ More To Come - The "Fat Man Stings" ~

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