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Friday, November 18, 2016

Merchant of Penance

Why Keep Track? I wonder what Alt-Right-Shyster Steve Bannon says about this news, especially with his proactive protective stand towards the Shylock folks. “...the biggest problem is the number of Jews. I don't like Jews and the way they raise their kids to be ‘whiney brats". See, a terrorist group in Syria was observed joy riding aboard an American M113 armored personnel carrier vehicle - turning brodies and having one hell of a time on our dime. Most likely it came from the stockpile "We the People Denied" paid for and through our generosity as the "WAR MACHINE ROYAL" handed it over to Benji, Benji, Benji and the pests, pests Netanyahu. Who then just give it away as Uncle Sam always comes through for Israel - another $38-billion in military aid headed that way soon - whiney brats! Yes indeed, the biggest deal ever and the only time that Netanyahu was seen shaking hands with Obama, after 2-terms 8-years in the making - common ground comes from the "Killing Fields"! Money stalks. So, will this thievery continue? Look, when carelessness allows our weaponry to find its way into enemy hands, well the Russian Federation knows our best kept secrets. The Kremlin has it all, our designs, our e-mails, most likely the "Secret Codes". But NOT to worry, as right after November 8th this almost passing year, Donald Trump signed a "pack" with Vladimir. The reason streets in Moscow now honor the "Tower Maggot", as streets in the "Homeland" show detours to "Desolation Road"! There should have been a "Detour Sign" included in that "voter" card. And since then, it appears many feel a Trump win gives them that "License to Kill", as before Trump, at least concealed carry benefactors would try to pistol whip an annoyance - not anymore as we have become "Nigger Happy", I mean "Trigger Happy" and the Wild, Wild West is America today. Talk about "Winey Brats", 60-million Trump supporters.

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