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Friday, November 11, 2016

Russian Federation

They're selling postcards of the hanging, they're painting the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in town
Here comes the blind commissioner, they've got him in a trance
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker, the other is in his pants
And the riot squad they're restless, they need somewhere to go
As Lady and I look out tonight, from Desolation Row.

Chilling lyrics, but what the Sarah Palin! Remember, Palin said she could see Russia from her backyard in Alaska - the connection. And for real, part of the new administration? I am glad that Hillary Clinton missed her opportunity to get in a position to pay back the Dead-end "Wall" Street thugs - that gang that rapes America. It appears that our retirement investment money goes in one-direction, that "dead-end" street. Seems a whole lot of my loot headed in that direction was paid out to Bill and Hillary, for speeches? On the other hand, I am not too happy that Donald Trump is allowed to shake hands with Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Something went terribly wrong this election cycle, "We the People" have been blinded by the "Might". This "Transition" meeting was not a grown-up hand-to-hand truce by any stretch of one's Constitutional imagination, it was but a photo opportunity gesture, as there was only one "True" statesman present. Barack, please wash those hands, especially rid yourself that "yellow slime" that peeled off Trumps dead brain hairdo! And this 3rd day in a row violence by many so upset the fallout of a "Rigged" election, look it started about a year ago when the DNC rolled out its battle plan of the republic, and when Trump asked Putin to "hack" the sanctuary of our sovereignty. Had Debbie Wasserman Schultz and all her cohorts-in-slime been not so infatuated with Hillary, we would be celebrating a Bernie Sanders presidency, as the "mirror" polls performed by mathematical al-gore-ithms on super Cray computers indicate without doubt and no margin-of-error that Bernie would have out-performed Trump by...well Bernie was looking at 358 electoral votes. And just yesterday, the Russians said there was a direct link between Trump headquarters and the Kremlin, and I do believe our Founding Fathers called that "Treason"? Of course Putin changed the course of the election, as Hillary was on the attack against the "Federation" during her feeble mission to be the 1st abused female elected as a U.S. President and Putin is in semi-retirement so doesn't want the bother of a War Hawk and would rather deal with a no-brainer - a.k.a. Human Hemorrhoid. TRUMP should be confronting "Espionage" charges as an accomplice of a "hacking" crime spree. So something went very wrong with Democracy, but this "Revolution" was long overdue as "political" Constitutional lunacy under the last few sessions of Congress, well that entity is way out-of-touch reality the American way of life. Barack Obama has worked all by himself the last 8-years, an indication we really don't need a Congress - and that is scary with a Hemorrhoid taking over. Imagine what harm can be done with no accountability the American foundation called Congress? Even if defunct its duties, at least Obama tried talking sense to a dumb stump. Action is required, or else we will be laughed upon by Putin and comrades for a long time forward. Imagine, that on January 20th at 1300 hours "We the People Denied" protest, by a national "Work Stoppage"? We owe it to ourselves such protest. We owe it to the young at hand that are braving the streets in protest. We owe it to the world, as when we find that "Our Vote" is meaningless because the candidates we get to pick are themselves "evil", we must take a more powerful approach our feelings - by bringing America's economic system to its knees. Think about it this way, walk off the job for 4-hours on January 20th, lose a few bucks in wages but win back our "Liberty", win back our pride. When one considers the power of thy vote, when that luxury no longer resonates "My Country 'Tis of Thee", the power of thy working hands "On Strike" is something NO political entity wants to deal with. Wake-up America, look at the maggot that is growing strong before your very own eyes! According to reliable sources, if Chris Christie becomes part of the Black Jack Ketchum gang - a.k.a. Trump Administration, then the White House grocery budget will explode, and that will require a "Tax Hike" upon the middle class. Yes Chris Christie, one hell'va an American? During the debates Trump stepped on, shit on, puked on and belittled Chris Christie beyond recognition. And today Mr. Abused Bridge-Bardot-Gate is so far up Trump's asshole, that breathing for survival means bile swallowing enrichment. In fact, many democrats that were watching that pathetic un-American showdown - debate stage all the way through November 8th - many went gun-hoe ready to get on board with the Joe Biden boxing tag-team, bring on the gloves. House Speaker Paul Ryan, same thing, as he was abused beyond recognition by Trump from the sidelines but is rushing into that Trump "cavity", the "Tower's" asshole! Rubio, a little guy belittled by Trump to the status of a dwarf, another finding the same "Enter Here" sign and heading towards the cesspool with a smile, "bile swallowing ahead"! Only John Kasich held his ground against such attacks by the "Tower Maggot". This guy visiting Barack, this goon is a paranoia Hemorrhoid with a maggot mentality. He is a protégé of Henry Murray, the same quality that made Ted Kaczynski famous! I never saw Mr. Obama so distraught, he knows what is at stake and I guess Dylan's "Desolation Road" will be our new national anthem. Wow, Mark David Chapman tells XOF News that it was a New Yorker that looked like Donald Trump that paid him to get MKUltra/Murray treatment that led to him seeing double and thinking Helter Skelter. In the end it was Chapman that murdered John Lennon, while he serenaded himself with "Give Piece a Chance", talking to his smoking gun. Causal connection? But the ass-kissing, the ass-licking those following close-behind the Donald's "behind" is truly disgusting. They are all "TURNCOATS". Look, Trump engaged the help of the Kremlin, the "Rigged Election" the paranoid maggot hemorrhoid was eluding too, he was trying to tell us the truth. Remember, in June he had asked for the Kremlin's help, to sabotage Hillary's e-mail, which came true with the Podesta files. Instead of a Bernie Sanders "socialist" agenda, we have ended up with a Communist Manifesto. So we must start this day preparing for the hand-jerk-off, and on January 20th after the swearing in, we must abide by our own oath and take a recess away from work duties, bringing this nation to a  screeching halt because justice has been hijacked by the Federation and wherein a "Puppet Government" is preparing to take up residence in the Oval Office, on "Our" watch. We can't let it happen, for Old Glory's sake as this "From Russia with Love", it's a different kind of "Love" and I can hear the pounding of the hammer and feel the heat of the sickle getting closer each day.

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