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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bribebart 666 - Update 1127

Kellyanne Bombsaway: Yes, Donald thinks that Mormon families are too big, so he is proposing a tax increase for large families - over 3-kids will mean a child penalty violation tax. And this is also payback to Mitt Romney for disparaging comments during the campaign, as Donald believes you attack the big losers and that will then show the underlings how to act. And Donald is also proposing a tax decrease for the middle class of 2%, but in reality when said and done it amounts to 66.6-cents per pay period. So, a free gallon of gasoline each month. Yes, Donald loves the number 666! And we are so glad that we will be able to give the wealthy a 13.5% decrease in tax burden and when we do the Real McCoy math it comes out to 66.6%, which means like the Donald the wealthy will pay NO federal Income Taxes on their easy made loot. Most likely it will mean a "Rebate". Yes, Donald loves that number - 666! And yes, Donald's philosophy is that if you are a loser and didn't make it big as a business tycoon, then your failure penance is paying taxes - a.k.a. middle-class peons. And Donald believes that we should bring back the "Debtor Prison", as that will be added income to pay for his "added" security detail as Melanomia does not want to take up residence where a black family broke bread. And yes, John Bolton is still hysterically laughing when we first asked him any interest as the "Tower's" Secretary of State, we hope he will soon catch his breath and reconsider our offer. We can't imagine what was so funny, and if laughter is the best medicine, Donald is also considering Bolton as Surgeon General. And about Jill Stein's recount, so what that it is true that the "Electoral Vote" count from legitimate registered voters for Donald Trump in the contested states is equal the same amount of cartoon characters - as their votes do indeed count.

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