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Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Dumb Trump

Day after Thanksgiving, 2016. “Them belly full but we hungry. A hungry mob is an angry mob…” So after a day of eating stuffing and proud to be an American still, before it is too late best get busy with my 1st Amendment Right, against the “Right”!
Dear Dumb Trump;

You have the minority vote pick pocketed, please resign before January 20th in efforts to protect “OUR CONSTITUTION”. The Founding Fathers would have already arrested your November 8th triumph, as no way in hell was our Independence based on the “Minority” vote of the people. It’s like saying the looser wins, and you are a looser in more ways than one, if you continue to entertain your desires deserving of the Oval Office. You are far removed what it takes to run this nation. In fact, do you even have a driver’s license Mr. Limo? And you know what…the country doesn’t need rebuilding! Obama has already finished that business, if you believe differently, you are a blowhard. Instead of thinking of wasting money on your “I have a $Trillion$ dollar Dream”, give it back to its rightful owners, “We the Taxpayers”. Your “dream”, is more like a wet-dream! But you would never do that, give us a rebate, because you never pitched in with taxed income to help secure this nation’s infrastructure – that is what Americans do, we chip in. You seem to think chipping away at the U.S. Treasury’s reserves is your way, so just smooze out a plan that rewards your coward mindset. Why not try to be a “True American” for one-day, then you may get it right. Please, if you have to move into the White House without your trophy wife, just enjoy being a Eunuch and “Do Nothing”! That is how you will get my respect and approval for your legacy rating. To reiterate, “Do Nothing”. OK, I will compromise, “GO FUCK YOURSELF” as that has my approval along with 63-million “True Americans”. I wasn’t a Hillary fan, she screwed us all – as if it were Bernie you were up against, he would have kicked your ass way better then when you bushwhacked Vince McMahon. Get it right, your fan club came out of their underground bunkers to cast a trash vote, as they live a life of seclusion and hope for Armageddon. Your following wants a conflict, and hopeful that you nuke them all. Look, everybody you are picking for your circus freak show, it’s because you hate them and this is get even time! They belittled your qualifications, now you offer up that carrot and when they accept, just like Charlotte’s web. I wish I could find a single iota about you that instills some semblance of “Patriotism”, I failed as you are NOT a TRUE AMERICAN. In fact, I have immigrant friends much more patriotic then you, and I am sure that is hard for you to swallow. But I will make a wager, that you will be the shortest office holder of record, as we will see that you really have no balls to stick it out, only a fascination to stick it to US! Hope you choke on a “leftovers” turkey bone and Chris Christie is close by to give you mouth-to-mouth! Donald, didn’t daddy Fred teach you how to smile, or is it you are so disgruntled upon life that we see…who am I to judge? An American that cares and left with nothing this election except the Mighty 1st – and that is something you will never take away even with all the power of the 2nd behind you, as each and every shot fired to arrest my free-speech, is but a wasted apprentice.

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