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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Looting Has Begun!

The Duncing of America? The Douching of America? The De-Neutering of America? As the fleecing of America is old news with the 2016 election results finalized, Trump was right the system is rigged. So I best stick with the D&D&D, a.k.a. "Dumb & Dumber & Donald". We are brothers Dump and Dumber today under a sick daddy Donald, as the Democrats join with the republicans in stupidity. Why, and how in hell did we let the 2016 election get so out a whack? We let down the Founding Fathers. We have less than 70-days before the "crypt" mentality" takes over, that's the Trump trophy wife Ivanasaurus - whoever or however "Thar she blows" as how in hell is a 1st Lady from another country? Sorry, it is Melanomasaurus, still from the "crypt". Had the Founders realized that "We the People" would allow such a Helter-Skelter affair, they would have made a law. And yes the looting has begun, attacks by outsiders on Barack Obama's legacy - with the Chris Christie and Glueliani thuglings yelling: "Tear Down That Mother Fuck'n Legacy". How can a guy like Giuliani be laughing today? Look, ObamaCare meant well and served the purpose early on its infancy, but the inside traitor insurers soon realized there was plenty of room for abuse and socked it too that legislation's "Goodwill" intent. It is almost failed due insurance provider greed, the intent was "Patriotic", but since that is but a suggestion with respect to "Capitalism", we fail! Here's what I don't understand. During the debates Trump stepped on, shit on, puked on and belittled Chris Christie beyond recognition. And today Mr. Abused Bridgegate is so far up Trump's asshole, that breathing for survival means bile swallowing. But here is how I will remember the "Legacy of Obama". When he arrived in the "Oval Office", the outgoing administration stole everything not glued down, from pens to band-aids, and Bush also lit the torch that would soon melt down the economy. Within 20-days of Barack taking the oath, this nation was in a serious meltdown. And without any help from Congress on the horizon, we were doomed as a nation once of strength and power. This was the plan of the 111th Congress' GOP members ripe with filibuster gusto, lead by Confederate Mitch McConnell as he still holds a grudge with men of the black race and look, I am a "White" Yankee and still get harassed when south of the Mason-Dixon line. I had to get a KKK card when I was working at Morgan's Corner over in the boonies of North Carolina, just to show the locals I was not one of them "Northerners". This is the part of the nation left way, way behind wherein Mudbogging comes first, old yeller 2nd, and family - what's that? In New England, we enjoy "Union" cards and our families. Back to my good friend Obama. But regardless of the hurdles faced before even finding out where the White House "executive" crapper was located, Barack held courage, and soon we saw the miracle worker at work, with the American Recovery & Re-investment Act. How soon we forget about this "Stimulus"! Republican members of Congress hated this "Executive Order" economic infusion, and many talked of impeachment upon a new president just doing his "sworn duty". But our roads were falling apart left and right due years and years in disrepair from the economic hardship fallout following the Bush "WAR Lord" mentality years, so by putting men and women back to work - it worked. I remember Rick Perry, then governor of Texas arguing with Obama that he was not asking for bailout handout money, but would take it anyway as Texas was just behind California for $Billions$ in recovery loot. This infusion carried the nation through tough times for a recovery that needed 5-years to mend, all the time Obama was under ridicule. Saving grace, it went on with a hangover, lasting still today with highway appropriations yet to be spent. And much of Uncle Sam's generosity went along with matching funds from the states, so it had a double whammy effect on this nation's right to life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness. It was the greatest "jobs creation" bill of historic record. And that courage, it sowed the seed of recovery upon a Bushwhack that had taken this nation so close to failure, hey to a nation that now produces more energy then ever, all under Obama's watch. So much oil that we can even entertain "exports". And look at the price of oil, still cheap, down half as much as when Dick Cheney was running the oil fields. But NOT once, did a single republican maggot come forward to thank Mr. Obama. As that goes against the grain of their constituency base based on "we can't let a black man get away with that" sentiment, that which proves time and time again that many have a DNA disgrace called "prejudice". Sad, that we have such a mentality that excels in an IQ negative. And here is another Obama legacy, the renewable tax credit incentive - which was silently agreed upon by a bipartisan Congress and then during Obama's 2nd term still under a republican House and dysfunctional Senate, that "Corporate Tax" was extended for another many years! Why? Because it is putting thousands to work, from engineers to panel installers, bringing jobs to all walks of life in rural areas from sea to shining sea. It is providing income where income has been missing since the Declaration of Independence. And because that "Green Energy" era started by Obama through "tax incentives" is so successful, it has grown to the point that it is here to stay, self-sustaining! As it is a technology driven by the "Mother of Invention" and when that comes into play it just gets better and leaner - and today the efficiency and costs to the Sun God "Ra" as an energy source is a close call to fossil fuel expenditures. And not to forget once paid for, it's free energy for the taking. So I don't look at ObamaCare as the guiding light Obama's legacy, I look at the better-off infrastructure from sea to shining sea, and that is what made this election so difficult to comprehend, as there wasn't a whole lot wrong that needed mending. Want a job, hey the un-employment rate is at 4% and there exists vacancies coast to coast. And any newbee at the helm, well best just ride it out as there is NO storm - don't make waves and just take all the credit due another individual. Obama knows what he has accomplished, so do I. Barack Hussein Obama, well of record his legacy, his honorable service, it will never be surpassed. See, after Obama's 1st term, the GOP started believing from behind the scenes what this Commander-in-Chief was good for, and even though Obama's favorite tune may be "I did it my way", today we see the wolves gathering for the...the stock market reaches a new closing high, and credit goes to Donald Trump? Nauseating that we believe in such nonsense as the "Looting has begun" and we may be heading down "Desolation Road" when Trump finds that "Executive Crapper" - what's this button? Dear Barack and Michelle, THANKS!

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