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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Please Sign -

Call for a
on January 20th, 2017

The United States of America is under duress by the Donald Trump & Mike Pence mentality.  As the "Last Poets" once warned, the "Revolution will NOT be Televised", as it will be squashed in the streets - look around as the Trump Team has already engaged the protection of the National Guard when campaigning. When "Inaugurated", he then has the power to call to duty the "Militia", that means your guns will then be under "House Arrest". "We the People Denied" must act. The "vote" NO LONGER counts. The "System" is rigged. We must join together as one "UNION" to protest the lunacy that will be sworn in on January 20th. The Russian Federation admits that it became involved in the "voting", in more ways than one can IMAGINE! Donald Trump requested "HELP" from Vladimir Putin during the campaign, and received such help. This is "TREASON" on the high seas. Our only HOPE, we must "STRIKE" at high-noon on January 20th, and thus "PATRIOTICALLY" allow this nation to come down on its knees, economically. Once we prove to Trump that "We the People Denied" run this "One nation under God" he is trying to ruin, then we can retreat back to the workplace and maintain this nation's "bloodline". If Trump tries once again to make "law or policy" that takes away any individual "Liberty", we STRIKE again. We can do this, it is a very easy show of Force Majeure without pain and suffering, a peaceful protest wherein the numbers can demand "CHANGE". Lech Walesa did this in Poland, we can do the same and get results. I am asking my "Countrymen" such a simple task. Prepare now, and on January 20th at high-noon, walk off the job, just go home and drink beer. No need to assemble, call in sick if need be. In no time flat "OUR" voice will be heard, Proud and Clear, as when the swearing in is finished, an America on STRIKE from sea to shining sea is a scary thing and the Donald will have nowhere to turn too, except Russia with Love!

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