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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stephen Hawking WRONG!

Silenced Science Sunday: LEMMA 1 has landed! Yes, landed safely under the piloting guidance of PacMan. Which means the long awaited results are finally in, after some 20-years in the making or for those number-crazed gifted Geeks, some 7800000 Giga-flipflops per second, 24-hours a day, or a mind-boggling 49196160000000000000000 bit bounces. This outcome required the linking together of over 3000 micro-processors, with memory skills in the Petabyte size - what's under your hood? Yes, the most powerful of computers in our hi-tech time, joined together in efforts to figure out one of man's greatest mysteries and will go down as one of man's most successful achievements. How did we get here? It proves that Stephen Hawking and confidants that surrounded the "Bing Bang" Theory, officially condemned as a hoax. The landing of the LEMMA 1, instrumental in the research that proves the "Big Bang" never occurred, a discovery that was based in part and of theory "On A Boundary Property of Continuous Functions". What? I am talking "Z € £" and metric space! And believe it or not, even Professor Gerald Lambeau, a noted MIT math genius and Nobel Fields Medal winner, he didn't know who Ted Kaczynski was all about. The "Theory's Premise": Natural phenomenon, the way humans have been able to comprehend is ever-changing. There is nothing forever stable, simple age relationship defines and defies it so. We humans exist because of "change", why things wear out. We can grab hold of a rock, it looks so stable, but from ashes-to-ashes and dust-to-dust, it is changing as we speak. It weighs less when you throw it down then when you picked it up and it once again rests in peace. And surely within reasonable doubt, the Sun is different today then yesterday, and this is something we are good at measuring. By the time super-computers were allowed to gamble and decipher what had already been discovered and thus somewhat un-challenged, man's analog reasoning verses the On & OFF of bits and pieces, the foundation had been well placed - through notable mathematicians like Isaac Newton, and not to forget a guy named "Lawful". So about 20-years ago a super-Cray computer up at the University of Alaska's "Arctic Region Northern Studies" was programmed to look at "signatures" from outer space, to monitor the changing patterns to see how frequency and energy profile amplitude changed accordingly, as this is an indication of how to "Model" things of interest. Now everything appeared normal, and at the speed-of-light, this signature could carry one back some many moons. But instead of waiting, the super-jock computers were employed to generate a model, then back-track with cross-checking until such time the number-cruncher came upon an anomaly, a sizeable unpredictable anomaly, where it all began. Basically speaking, it used reverse boundary theory to accomplish a look into the past. We know what is in front of us today, right now, through precise time-slice sampling techniques. By such methodical time-slice sampling, we can develop an Al-Gore-ithm that can be used as that predictive "Model" approximating what came first, the chicken or the egg phenomenon. With cross-checking, we can check the accuracy of our mission, in this case "accomplished". So the "Model" could take us all the way back to when the "Big Bang" occurred, it didn't. But to the astonishment of non-believers, there came a point in time wherein the signature from space stopped oscillating, started to act as a "constant", which means there was a source, yet stable and maintaining position. Had the "Something from Nothing" theory proposed by the Hawking Foundation found truth, there would be exactly that, NOTHING! But there was something, a very, very stable "something" yet indefinable by our means and methods - nothing of usefulness could even be extrapolated, as without change we have no buoyancy. But there came about a smooth transition, behaving within the "bounds" of the "Boundary Theory". So instead of a "Big Bang", it appears "existence" was formulated with some degree of care, it was controlled! LEMMA 1 will now depart, under a new disguise called "Good Will Hunting", going where no man has gone before, to see how long this stable period existed. During the initial voyage, it was discovered that a "Time Warp" does exist in space, and if that can be figured out, then we may be able to figure out when "we began". But without any "changes" in the signature that commenced with this stability period, it is possible that the re-entry may get stuck on the "Mobius Strip", wherein we think we made it but never get there. So, to re-iterate, there was NO BIG BANG, nothing-then-something as many in the scientific community have long believed. This proves the point. Worth mentioning, this research would not have been possible without the generosity of the late Theodore Fulton Stevens, Senator from Alaska. With that, this research now bears his namesake with honor, as the TFS Algorithm, which demonstrates that there may indeed be a "Creator", that we didn't come to be together by a firecracker theory. Thanks Ted!

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