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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wanted: IRS Patriotism

Is not there a "Lone Wolf" IRS agent somewhere within the Barack "beltway" bureaucracy that wants to be "PATRIOTIC"? It's a duty, calling! Release Donald John Trump's "TAX RETURNS" and become a hero, as NO nation is such with a Commander-in-Chief that has cheated on the basic foundation consistent with "Liberty", for funding our military, funding our veterans, funding our schools and funding our highways. Even Romney paid a share of the burden. We cannot have an individual sitting in the "Oval Office" that committed adultery around taxation. Do so please without haste release this information so critical to this nation's future, as you will be protected by 61-million Americans and "Rock Star" status. Send to 

PS: In the event that you deliver this much needed information, your identity will be protected, even if it means jail time for this receiver. This is what our Founding Fathers fought for, so you will be performing a "Patriotic" deed that in time will find the highest of honors, as a "Statesman" in disguise.

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