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Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm "COMEY" Convinced

With all the evidence of wrongdoing, how in hell is Hillary Rodham Clinton still in the running and still on the campaign stage the night before the 2016 election? Now I am against any fine or jail time for Mrs. Clinton. She has done justice for this nation, but does not deserve the Oval Office as there is a higher ethical mindset standard, which Hillary has never achieved - probably due Bill's influence. But with FBI Comey coming to the same "conclusions" not once but twice a person cannot be tried for the same crime time and time again, it is collusion that allows the rich and powerful to get away with...I guess if it were murder so be it! But how about this. Say the FBI did find enough evidence to hold Hillary in contempt - just look what Wikileaks is leaking out. A kindergarten lawyer could indict for recklessness. But maybe, just maybe she was tried and sentenced by a Department of Justice "Kangaroo Court" and, well Barack already "pardoned" her. Far fetched? Snot really as there is no other reasoning that supports what has gone down - we have been blinded by the might. Something we will never understand, as the government is only transparent to a certain extent, and when push comes to shove even honorable statesmen like Mr. Obama must break the rules for what is best for the nation.

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