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Monday, November 7, 2016

Super Slooth

Yes Super Slooth! A "Top Secret" al-gore-rhythm that can take in massive amounts of bleach-bit data and provide a "What If" answer to almost any question of interest - with an accuracy confidence level of 100%. Since I was a friend of Ted Stevens, the longest sitting member of Congress before victimized by the FBI, I have access to one of the few super-computers that can tackle the mathematical manipulations required to satisfy the thirst of the Slooth. Or call Good Will Hunting - can't wait for the release of "So What Do You Want To Do", the follow-up, and I am almost finished with the script - it will be Robin Williams' last movie. Anyway, I came across the "Slooth" when trying to work out one of Lambda's silly-ass equations of intimidation. True factoid, the professor was one of Henry Murray's guinea pigs, along with Ted Kaczynski. Anyway, the Slooth" is located up in Fairbanks, and since U.S. Government Property, it is maintained with upgrades and is probably one of the fastest CPUs in existence today. Thanks to the U.S. Taxpayers having no idea what their hard earned income entertains. See, some complex math can take years to provide a solution to a problem, so the bigger and faster the "brain" chip, the quicker the answer. So here it is. If Hillary had said NO to the 2016 race against a hemorrhoid - Donald Trump - well it would have meant Bernie Sanders in the running. And according to Professor Phineas J. Whoopee...drum roll please, today the day before the vote Bernie would have been 15 "solid" points ahead of the hanging chad - a.k.a. the Hemorrhoid. Dear Hillary, thanks for nothing but pain and suffering - your legacy already cast in concrete! So with either slug, 4-more years of the same. Pain and suffering and at one time, that was against the basic fabric and foundation of the Constitution! "America, where are you now...don't you care about your sons and daughters."

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