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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bribebart NEWS Post#666-e

From the Watch-Tower Blues: There  appears to be a "Mutiny" within the Donald Trump "Transvestite Take-charge Transition Team" and it is turning into a "Thanksgiving Day Massacre", Alice's Restaurant in full swing. See, the Trump Tower had to be evacuated today, as over the "Emergency Loudspeakers", which is a secure system and cannot be turned down or turned off as it is for "Emergencies", like Amber Alerts - well for hours what was heard crying out loud was Woody Guthrie's "Old Man Trump". And when it was all over with, it took a demolition crew 4-hours to get Chris Christie unstuck from a freight elevator, as it is the only lift that can support his weight. The NYFD was on scene to help, but when Trump said they weren't worth their wages just standing around with fingers up the butt, they went on STRIKE. It seems "striking" is our only negotiator with this "Tower Maggot", so maybe "We the People Denied" should call for a nation-wide boycott on January 20th? And nepotism is playing in big-time the 45th administration, as with so many Americans saying NEY, Trump had to go "Offshore" and brother Vladimir was asked to join in, but he was abroad at the Kremlin, so it was hard to determine if he accepted Trump's request. A waiter at the 21 Club has a story to tell, he was serving the Trump family and said he got to shake Donald's hand, but then started smelling shit. See, rumor has it that Chris Christie has used up all the toilet paper, so we all know what that means - fingers only! But all the damn GOP freaks are running full steam ahead to run up Trump's ass, but it is hard to get in front of Christie. But all the republicans, like Paul Ryan and Confederate "Nigger Hater" Mitch, who said nasty things about Trump and even nastier things behind closed doors the Tower "Maggot", well low and behold how low will they go? In closing for today, Trump reminds me of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, from Apocalypse Now;

Colonel Kurtz(The Donald): Did they say why, Paul, why they want you part of my command?
Paul Ryan: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.
Colonel Kurtz(The Donald): It's no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?
Paul Ryan: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.
Colonel Kurtz(The Donald): my methods unsound?
Paul Ryan: I don't see any method at all, sir.
Colonel Kurtz(The Donald): I expected someone like you. What did you expect? Are you a leader?
Paul Ryan: I'm a soldier.
Colonel Kurtz(The Donald): You're neither. You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill. 

"And you tell me over and over and over again my friend, Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction."

Dear Brothers & Sisters who care about this nation from sea to shining sea. Remember "National Workday Boycott" on January 20th, 2017. Call in sick after high noon, enjoy an extra half-day on the weekend!

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