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Monday, November 28, 2016

What If? Sarah Palin

OK, speculation hit the political "Beaufort Scale +12" yesterday over the fact that Donald Trump's son "The Barron" may have special needs requirements? So what, but for "We as a Nation" when acting together have devised many special programs for those in need of a little extra in the helping hand category. And of course with all due respect, this family matter if "True" is "private". But when Donald becomes the gate keeper of the Oval Office, he then has an obligation to bring such family medical behavioral matters front and center of attention - for lack of a better argument or term, use his son's handicap as part of his administration's mandate for a better and friendlier nation. It starts right here at home! It goes with the territory, love it or leave it. Imagine if you had a child with "special needs" and a 1st Family with similar needs also - it makes things better all around for mankind. It's that comforting factor that a person very high up with lots of pen stroke and lots of power can make a difference for all concerned. It sets into motion a higher degree of a "positive" mindset, which sometimes prepares paving the way for advanced legislation designed to further the wealth and worth of those born onto this earth with limitations and handicaps. When we fact-check and back-check how the Obama administration has performed on that front, wow, and we must remain on that same course without any detours - or deterrents due associated cost burdens. Obama did this out of the goodness of his heart and soul, without any push and shove from advocates. From the Affordable Care Act - with increased emphasis on health coverage for the handicapped - to employment opportunities through Executive Orders designed to help out our unfortunate brothers & sisters - well any departure away from this fascination with a new administration would be disastrous. So, if indeed "The Barron" is affiliated with such medical concerns, we look forward to Mr. & Mrs. Trump bringing it to our attention and not as a show of pity but reality bravery, as "We the People" are all in this together. Look, we saw that in Sarah Palin, when she was born a son that had "special needs", she was soon front and center of attraction and attention her son Trig's situation in life to come - there was no hiding behind fake doors. And she was adamant that if placed in a position of power that could do justice to programs that pay tribute, she would take action. So, is there today a reason why Sarah has been banned away from the Trump Tower? What if Sarah Palin was interested in a Trump administration position and was told she must remain silent about "The Barron"? There is rumor mill speculation that Donald and Melania are hiding something, as "The Barron's" stage presence is awkward. Medical professionals not afraid to speak their minds are questioning the same and raising concerns - without answers. Remaining silent is not good for this nation! Sarah Palin is a "mom", a real McCoy "MOM" and would never stoop so low - we Alaskan's have that extra something in us. Ted Stevens taught us so - be brave in light of fright. It ain't worth it the other way around, and if what hit the "Richter" over the weekend has some semblance of truth, are the Trump's embarrassed? But now that the citizens are speculating along with the fact that Sarah has been missing in action the action taking place at the "Tower", I fear we have an incoming 1st Family that still maintains that old style of...well it's a flavor of bigotry and has nothing to do with wanting "Privacy". Maybe that is what Trump raged about this past weekend in light of his son's attention, that maybe the illegal votes that lost him the "Popular Vote" came he that sick of an individual?
Where the handicap will roam?

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