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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Swamp, or Cesspool?

Chaos Theory: Every morning the same ritual, turn on the pot, boil water and prepare that caffeine fix. Such a simple task, boiling water - yet it is a very chaotic process to disrupt stable water molecules through a transit velocity appreciation and for those "tiny bubbles" to break through the surface retarding resistor. It is pure unadulterated "chaos". And when we speak of using dirty old coal to quench our cheap energy addiction, same thing, as coal is used to create fire and the heat from the inferno chaotically boils water and drives a turbine - I then have electricity in my kitchen, to boil water and the chaos theory lives on. Why this science lesson? Chaos theory is about to take over the Oval Office. Are we prepared? Was Lucifer a saint? The cesspool is surely not ready and willing. Yes, "Cesspool", as the swamp is an environment with lots of natural life cycle processes, a "swamp" is a living thing - it doesn't need a fix. It's a "cesspool" on the beltway. And this 5-year "Lobby Man Ban" that the Trump Team must sign as a sign of surrender in good faith, it has no teeth and is all "Cesspool Fluff". When asked how it would be enforced, Trump told the reporter "You're Fired". I am starting a new line, it's called "The Donald", basically a  "Fluffernutter" in a cesspool like can, as you can't get any "whiter"  - a.k.a. Steve Bannon -  then the "fluff" and add a little cesspool goo - get the point.  Sure tastes good, just like how Trump is feeding us a good line-up. And here is one for the break wind room. A college professor asked his students to determine if Chris Christie can actually wipe his own ass - it was a class of medical students with studies on the physiology of the body - rather interesting subject matter. I mean think about it the next time you are on that Chappaqua crapper and rummaging through Hillary's e-mail server. Add an extra elephant size pouch, is the crack within reach? But the results are in, even if he could get around to his fat ass, there is a 3-inch shortfall, which means - don't ever shake his hand. But that is why the "Fat Man" fits in so well with the Donald soon to be the Dynasty Dynasty, as do you really think the Donald clan ever wiped their own ass? That's what he means by "creating jobs"!

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