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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Matter of Time )))

It will be but a matter of time wherein "We the People Denied" will realize with enough evidence that the Russian Federation did indeed "Rig" the 2016 election. Don't believe me, many republicans are showing off "We Rule" pins, with a ))) signature? It is the Russian Federation Fancy Bear Kompromat emoji, and in Russian; "I shit on your smiley face". I give Donald Trump one single credit this day only, that's all even for the next 4-years - he told us so - that the "Election was Rigged". He said so and knew so because he asked the Russian Federation to get involved and "Rig" it! Now he is getting ready to take over the Oval Office? Are we sick? Look, modern day political polling follows hocus-pocus statistics, and with super-fast computers utilized for results wherein "margins of error" are taken into account, how come math failed us this time around? It didn't, the polls were showing the correct results of how many Americans felt about this nation's future, until the "Rigging" occurred. Of course Putin took up Trump on his offer, he's that kind of guy. See, it is very easy to "Rig" an election when we are so busy and must rely on "early voting" through either a mail-in paper ballot or some other means that can come under duress. See, say I send in a early ballot, then there comes a duplicate, it is then up to the computer to either reject it or accept and discard all previous tallies. So, when the Russian Federation busted into the DNC, where else did it find a secret chat room? Look, we know that Putin had something to do with the outcome of this election - maybe we should declare war! I mean, what good is our "Democracy" if under attack by a foreign entity? See, Putin was afraid of Hillary Clinton, and right before the election, she was mad as hell and was calling Putin's bluff. Look, I was neither a Clinton or Trump fan, neither was Putin, until Bernie was banned from his run at this thing we call "Democracy". And Putin liked Bernie's agenda. And had Bernie not been shit on by the Hillary sensation, well we would be celebrating the fact that Russia does not interfere with our nation's presidential election. But instead it aggravated a war of words it was with Hillary. Why? With national security briefings, she was made aware of how the Federation had infiltrated, and it is the main reason that after Obama's first meeting with dissident elect Trump, Mr. Obama is furious. As sitting before the 44th was the 45th, whose White House win was influenced by our enemy? Obama knows it, Trump knows it and Putin knows it and the last two brats are brave enough to admit it so! And Giuliani is still laughing about it all! His 1st job as Secretary-of-State under Trump's illegitimate emperorship? Get rid of the Federation hacking evidence. WTF, what the Sarah Palin is going down? The quandary is bothersome. We have heard very little from Hillary, except a little thought bone of contention that she thinks it was Comey who lost her the election. That's it? This was her dream, and it was taken away by a little runt named Vladimir and a bully named Donald. Wake up America, it happened! Well what to do is keeping Obama awake these nights, it is the same reason that the Clinton camp is very quiet, as before January 20th, the Commander-in-Chief will have to make a decision and take action. As it is still his watch, else our Democracy is in ruins. I used to like Putin, when he minded his own business. But when Trump tested him, well here we are today. Yes, Donald Trump is a "Turncoat", but there is no way to stop him and his madness, as the "Rigged Voters" have spoken, out of turn. So, the toughest question of all, we either strike back or hold up the white flag. So I am sure that our CIA and NSA are working around the clock the greatest of gifted cyber-worriers to engage in some sort of payback. We did it in Iran, with the StuxNET virus that raised havoc on that rogue nation's nuclear facilities. So, let's see just how prepared we were for this kind of "WAR". And any retaliation must be quick, as when January 20th rolls around, after high noon it will be too late. And maybe we are already engaged, as just yesterday a Russian jet was blown out of the sky. See, imagine it like this. If Putin has control of Trump, he then has control of our nuclear arsenal, control of our economy, control of our freedom and control of our destiny! Scary, "Doggone it, damn right, you betcha"! Bottom-line up, the Trump administration has already chosen the "White Flag" as its motto, the one with the Russian "smiley face".

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