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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Come Together, Right Now...

Come Together, Right Now...
Finally, we made it to the holidays. It was tough, as this time around between here and there was a “Mutiny on the Bounty” center stage our attention - with the 2-year-too-long election. Maybe we should take some advice from Liverpool, as the blokes allow only 9-weeks for the general “Parliamentary” election for their Prime Outlaws, the rest is time spent romancing the Rolling Stones’, “Turd on the Run”. What? Politicians running for cover! With the 2016 United States Russian Federation conjoining, more like an eviction away from Constitutional common sense. The mud-slinging was childish between candidates – because neither party had anywhere near close a viable statesmen as cowards amongst us is what a $billion$ dollar sell-out guarantees. Today forward, starting with this election, leadership at the highest office of power is but a suggestion as a qualifier - may the “Best Turd” win! For the poolitians it was an erection – “pool” a.k.a. press club, FOX and MSNBC along with the pathetic DNC & GOP wannabes. And they put us through one “hellava” detoxification event, as battle lines were drawn, between the Left-out and who was in the Right. But the Holidays bring us together, put aside for awhile the idiotic 10-seconds claim-to-fame, with “Twitter Itch”, it is so childish. I just traveled through two very busy airline hubs and brotherly & sisterly love was awesome. I saw people all walks of life. Take that back, I saw Americans – wherein it did not matter the color of one’s skin, it did not matter the order of one’s kin, we were “UNITED” as one! The detoxification worked, as we have become acclimated against such political season abuse, wherein politics causes such revenge upon that “Pride and Prejudice” thing. See, pat-on-the-back, we seceded away from the tyranny of government and beltway expansionism a long time ago. We weaned ourselves away from a derelict and a dysfunctional Congress, and relied solely on the American institution called the “Middle Class”, as it is the only saving grace forward as to whom we really are. We go to work. We make an honest wage, unlike members of Congress. We live a life of our own “Good Will”, the “Truths” being self-evident” our unalienable rights so protected by our own survivalist like defense, as we don’t need the guidance of a haunting tyranny any more. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is ours without their interference, so far so good. Sure we went beat-up by the brats the last year or so, it is today water under the bridge “We the People” needs no explanation. And this I saw today, from sea to shining sea, as the “Beltway” lust has fizzled out. Time will tell what good or harm will come from the Trump Tower. Yet we don’t need him, as long as there is a road to travel to maintain our lifestyles, that all important middle class work-family relationship kept in tack, then we win no matter what. The same thing will play out come the next 4th of July – we will not be in celebration “Our Government’s” disposition but for who we all are as “One Together”. And we still have it in us no matter what we believe as individuals to be political correct – because that is like the Mobius Strip and its two-sided personality. So, “We the People” have “Come Together”, and no matter what negativity flies across the “wire”, deep inside we are good, especially during these Holidays. Smile, John Lennon & God loves you as “Come Together, right now over…” we did so a long, long time ago regardless of what the evil of politics wants US to believe differently!

Once in khaki suits, gee we looked swell
Full of that yankee-doodlee-dum
A half-a-million boots went sloggin' through hell
And I was the kid with the drum

Say don't you remember, you called me al
It was al all the time
Say don't you remember, I was your pal
Buddy, can you spare a dime?

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