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Saturday, July 25, 2015

BEAR Attack!

Dear Mayor Berkowitz;

First and foremost, “Congratulations” your victory. I understand Don Young is pissed, as he was seen stroking his ooosik the other day! But already down to business it seems now that Anchorage may be facing an economic slowdown showdown with a reduced military presence. With the troop count cuts at the local military installations announced, of course it will hurt. Now anybody with a Don Young IQ – divide by zero – should have seen this bad news “BEAR” coming, this was not a curve ball. Yet it appears you are being “proactive” this middleman dilemma. So when your newly formed “Base Economic Analysis Review” team engages itself in “Think Tanking” the reason behind the current head count cuts and possibly near future reductions in strength, I believe a lot of trouble can be saved by just looking at the main cause of “WHY?” we are loosing favor with the “brass”. And the best place to lean upon that “WHY”, well just mosey over to the Highland dump, just down the block from your office! Yes indeed, the answer is under that heap of garbage. It's called “Doyon Utilities”, which won the “Privatization Infrastructure” contract with the ARMY but since inception a few years ago, that “private” entity hiding under the “Goodwill” name of the Athabaskan Native heritage has tried relentlessly to rake the U.S. Taxpayers over the “coals”,  by trying to force “blood out of that turnip” - by engaging the RCA to allow approval upon incredible increases in the cost of the military doing business here in Alaska. Yes, “Highway Robbery 101+” by Dan Gavora and Company Canadian, that grocery guy that was awarded the UAF “Businesswomen of the Year”. OK, there's something in the air up Fairbanks way that is pollinating unclear thinking and polluting rational behaviors. But not only is Doyon trying to get “Regulatory” approval to increase the rates it charges for maintaining the utility infrastructure at JBER, Wainwright and Greely upwards 50% - which means an additionl $Billion$ dollar burden and you know what that means - it is costing untold waste and time for Uncle Sam's DLA to legally fight this battle, that was never supposed to occur because it was a “Contract”. On the books as so and agreed upon by Gavora with set rate increases affordable, not this highway robbery ritual we see playing out today, but a signed and sealed and delivered contract that was 50-years in duration wherein every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed. Doyon understood what it was getting into, yet within a few weeks into the already lucrative $4-Billion dollar contract, Gavora and his Canadian crooks wanted more and today we are starting to see the repulsiveness of this “Greed”. It's called a “Breach” this reach for more money. Yes, we bit the hand that fed! So take this into consideration, as a signal across the bow to Doyon from the “BEAR” study can go a long way with consideration as too why we are loosing out. Then maybe Doyon executives will realize, well we are watching and maybe we can begin to mend the bridges that have already been burned by poor sportsmen like crookedness, like Mr. Gavora has tried to fool us with his shit eating grin. I have followed this case, have corresponded with the “brass” and because of this fallout between Doyon and the U.S. Taxpayers - as in the end it is us that loose out - well it is hard even for our Congressional delegation to swing at this easy hit pitch and gain traction, as to offend such a “Corporation” would mean taking shots at the very entity that powers those political “War Chests”. It is the main reason that MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly has been so silent this issue, same with Mr. Ooosik, they can't say a damn thing that would offend the “Doyon” namesake. So this should be an easy find for the task force, look no further then the “Dump”, and find the reason who is really dumping on our economy and chasing our troops away. The report from “BEAR” would not be complete without an invite into how “Doyon” has caused this troop withdrawal, as it is the main eroding reason based on the cost of doing business here in Alaska. Maybe then Doyon's top executives will tell Gavora to follow the contract and repay Uncle Sam for the legal costs associated with this “Breach of Contract” and then maybe we can begin to mend bridges, as this time around even Don's “Bridge to Nowhere” seems to have found a reason for being, that road to destruction upon our local economy. Highland Dump? Well just an insight into how Doyon does business, it buys the landfill gas found through rotting diapers from Anchorage MUNI and converts it into “Green Energy”? Wow, way to go. But the only reason this project was a success comes from the fact not fiction that “Uncle Sam” must purchase “Green Energy” when available, and shoves this mandate down the “Military Brass'” ass, so with the Highland and in close proximity to JBER, it seemed a very good environmental decision. Except for what Doyon charges the ARMY for the electricity! You don't want to know, but it is another Sad Sack input into the “Greed Factor”, which is why our troop transports are packing up and heading “South”!

“I solemnly shallowly swear I will defend the U.S. Taxpayers against Doyon style "Greed"

"I swear on my ooosik, I will defend Doyon even if it means raping over the U.S. Taxpayers"

"And Behind Man #3..."
(Dan Gavora 3rd form left, pushing the Doyon Cha-Ching "I swear" to rake the U.S. Taxpayers over the "Coals" some more, during the opening ceremony of the Highland Dump "Trash Gas" power plant. OK, its costing US & ARMY $15 a gallon equivalent to fuel this "Green Beast", 4 times the normal costs for electricity!)


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