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Thursday, July 2, 2015


OK, “Citizens United” Alaska Chapter test question. How many pages of government procurement does it take to buy “Bottled Water”? See, the underground pollution plume from H&H Lane - North Pole's refinery area – it is migrating towards Eielson Air Force Base. What else could be ruining the drinking water for the rodents of Moose Creek? Wait there's more exhaust, as when the North Pole fire station's EPA monitoring site qualifies as the “Official PM2.5” magnet, the Fairbanks “containment area” will pin-point the “MOST Polluted City” in America with respect to air quality, and this water hazard, well it makes “Love Canal” tame in comparison. Honestly, remember the “Eggplant that ate Chicago”, same monster so the military is now forced to provide “bottled water” to 50-households in the Moose Creek area. Which goes to show that the MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly's plan to blame the Air Force is working, which allows the Koch Brothers off the hook. “Thar she blows”, sending all that sulfolane east! Anyway, the G-man has advertised a bid request for “bottled water”, and it takes 40-pages of this and that in efforts to make sure we get “water”? Yes, 40-pages that covers things like project management, work plans, inspections and making sure the water truck drivers are not certified “Sex Offenders” - it's “bottled water” for Pete's sake. Get this, same amount of pages to buy a nuclear warhead! Wasn't there a law passed back many moons ago, called the paperwork reduction act? It's a bottle of water? But here is why even buying bottled water has become so complicated, especially when working with the ARMY Corp of Engineers. When the Bush family decided it wanted to take over the middle east, our troops in boots were scheduled to infiltrate. But before we can engage in a “war” or as some call it just a “conflict”, maybe “miscalculation”, whatever your fancy, we allow our “Corp of Engineers” to assess what defines the battle field and plans are drawn up for the attack. Before such attacks, the brass ask things like are runways needed, as we have the courage to go where no man has gone before and in no time flat we can land a C-150 filled with bottled water, or strippers if Bill Clinton gets involved and a speaking engagement advance is required. See, we have all kinds of equipment designed to assist the troops when in battle, as troops need nourishment and sleeping quarters, so after the runways it means bunk beds and then when a stronghold is established with the chow-hall “Open for Business” the pre-invasion commences and the troops in boots move in. So there comes a whole lot of pre-dawn planning. Now when the “bombs bursting in air” starts wrecking havoc with peace and tranquility where camels once reigned, the local water systems can become, well filled with “crap”. So when we engage in a war on the desert, we bring water purifying equipment, well drilling stuff, as water is essential element in the theater. Yes, our brave men & women in uniform don't even need bridges – only in Alaska – and can go anywhere on this earth at anytime and be engaged to protect the Bush Dysentery Dynasty. Now when George “Senior Moment having a Movement” Bush gave the go-ahead to protect the “House of Sad, well many insiders realized this was a “golden goose” opportunity coming true, as it wouldn't end with the “Gulf” and this initial ice-breaker would culminate with the fulfillment of a protracted conflict, so designed to be a continuation of rape and pilferage on the U.S. Treasury. Let the Americans pay for it! Sure it was planned for the long-haul, as we are still at it today and once again increasing the troop head count here, there and everywhere – re-order the body bags and of course more “bottled water”! So how to make money is what's behind “Modern Day Warfare” - it has nothing to do with defending as if the brass had it their way, the only thing they would be defending is that military base golf course. Even making a killing with “Bottled Water” is part of someone's “American Greed” dream coming true! Yes indeed, somebody in Congress that was being fed pork pie lies from the lobby decided our troops needed “bottled water” instead of purified water at site and today somebody is getting rich, when we have the technology and the infrastructure to purify “cesspool” water that comes out clean and mean, yet the tab today to ship “bottled water” over to our troops - as it must be an American Product - well outfits like Nestles are making future “filthy rich” trust funds for the board of directors' kids. Yes indeed, more “Mitt Romney” trust-fund babies that will never work a single day a decent salt-of-the-earth job and learn only that “WAR” must be never stopped, else “Mommy, I'm loosing my fortune”. So mom cuts off sex with Dada, and then pin-stripped Dada must find reasons to lobby for more “WAR”, or buddy up with Bill. OK, in a nutshell what 40-pages of “fluff” figures in the cost of a bottle of, well purified “Love Canal” water. When that 40-page document awards some outfit the contract to supply water to the Moose Creek, the trail of tears finds this madness. It costs 0.0044 cents for water. Pushed into a “throw-away” bottle then the price escalates to 0.45-cents, or a 10000-fold increase and you thought “Big Oil” was greedy? Now, when one gets through that 40-page document, well the cost for that same bottle of water, delivered to our troops or Moose Creekers, well it now sits at $1.73, per bottle or hold your gizzard – an increase of 39298 percent! So, for each bottle of water that is sent to a war torn place – including Moose Creek – we the “U.S. Taxpayers” are on the hook, where profits engage maybe 80% of the true costs. For each pallet that is sent to the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, someone is tax sheltering away an inheritance, at our expense. And each week thousands of pallets are flow aboard transporters. Said again, we have already paid for equipment that would provide at site clean water at a fraction of the cost for what it costs for “Bottled Water”, as one time not too long ago there was no such thing as bottled water! What ever happened to troop canteens? Best guess estimates to date target the “Bottled Water” frenzy at $93-Million in pocket book profits for some “Corporation” who has a name and is a person of “unknown identity”, all for an un-nessessary accomplishment. We don't teach our troops about bottled water. Imagine Rambo with a bottle of water in a flimsy container that “cracks” and gives away one's once stealth position? Said again, “WARFARE” has become a money making frenzy, the reason we have no reason to stop it – as many would then be forced to, well find true employment – including our Congress performing its “sworn duty” and putting a stop to the bleeding away of who we really are as a nation. Happy 4th? Depends how spin the bottle finds you!

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