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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Wow, has Alaska as part of the “Union” this nation under God – as a state once upon a time a mighty territory of independent individuals under the Bush Rat – become pathetically addicted to the consequences of “WAR”? With troop reductions effective today in the 49er, some are panicking and chanting “the sky is falling, the sky is falling, we need another 9/11” or another Bush “Skull & Bones” fellowship in the White House! But here is the catch-49. Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly knew this reduction was coming, but even in her high-heel ranking position she could not stop it – some on the “Beltway” call it a “Thongedgie”! Why no clout this matter? See, troop reduction should not become a very complicated calculation for the brass, but having the hands tied by political clout over a defense posture so designed to protect, you get my point. Congress provides the “loot” then it is up to the brass to divide that ransom according to 10-defining obligations. Yes, a report card is the assessment criteria on whether or not a military base is to moon troops or gain a posture to defend something – civilian jobs that is and the “Big Fat” Uncle Sam paychecks as for every 30-storm troopers in boots it requires employing a human that is most likely associated with the Toilet-Paper Tea Party rebellion, gainful employment even when that troop is deployed far and away. TPTP rebellion? “We hate government interference but we don't want government to interfere with our lucrative government “Don Youngnothing” jobs even if it means un-nessessary runway snow removal at an air force base that gave away the jets a long time ago” – a.k.a. Galena, Alaska! OK, even though our troop count is today at and all time lull, it still secures over 90000 civilian paychecks here in Alaska. And with oil prices still on the slump, the loss of a troop means fewer guaranteed jobs and nothing up north to cover the grocery bills! It is “Doom & Gloom”, so Please, Missus Henry, Missus Henry, please. Please, Missus Henry, Missus Henry, please. I'm down on my knees An' I ain't got a dime” we need more “WAR”! See, we have beeome addicted ever since the first battalion of Humveedominance left Ft. Richardson, that was during Bush Senile and since then it has been a money making extravaganza for...what in hell is “Patriotic” with this scenario? But the fallout to troop deployment upon local economies is magnified by a magical wand, and it sounds like Anchorage is almost a ghost town. Tough luck, as it is time for the “Pay Day” loan sharks to go away, instead of free-loading and taking advantage of our under-paid troops – same with that “Wounded Worrier” confederacy. Look, our troops are taken care of, get it and don't need a helping hand from a draft dogging Ted “Shit in My Pants” Nugent – whatever his name is! If you don't believe me that our troops are taken care of, look at your taxable income! But there is a ways and means that is utilized by the brass to reduce the troop count, wherein the political theater crap is left at the K Street gutter. Now at the top of the challenge is how a military base ranks in “Training”. With Alaska having miles and miles of wilderness - and a Don Young “Bridge to Nowhere” the Bolio troops laugh at and would rather use as target practice but can't because Bill Sheffield camps out on the bridge waiting for a choo-choo train to appear - with respect to “Training” this state has always reigned in at the TOP. So that puts Alaska ahead of many other states wherein Congressional delegates try to sway that necessity to keep the “Daddy War-Bucks” flowing, for those civilian paychecks – it has nothing to do with national defense anymore! That is an old-age excuse! But once troop reduction is at the assessment stage the brass has a ways and means of making sure re-alignment meets our national defense strategy - unless a member of Congress breaks wind and forces demands through unusual pain and suffering like was promoted by ex-Begich when he withheld the promotions of many men & women in uniform for some insane reason bordering on treason. Imagine, using the stroke of a Don Young “Ooosik” – sorry not really that I have to pick on Don, but ever since he became a G-man stool pigeon and threw Ted under the bus, I have NO respect. He gets what he deserves and I am hoping some “Wetback” finds a convenient place to ram that walrus gumboot! Yes Don, please bend over. But another major factor that is looked at besides the training opportunities comes about with the true “costs” involved in housing a “troop” at a particular base installation – which includes the price of energy. Now in Alaska, well we blew it and this wave of cuts may be just the beginning. Look, our delegation is owed NO payback favors by the 5-Star Joint Chiefs of Staff, as we have proven time and time again that we are in it NOT for the sake of national defense security, but intentional “GREED”. See, the cost of energy is probably the bottom-line, the reason that we are loosing troops today and “Pay Day” loan commercials are threatened with extinction, as our delegation is aware of this “Energy Greed” factor but to complain about it, well that would be like taking a crap in the very same closet wherein clients that keeps those “War Chests” tanked up hang out. For instance, the ARMY has been in a battle with one of its major providers of electricity here in Alaska – Doyon Utilities. Look, when our ARMY goes abroad to defend, that is “WAR” that must be quelled by force else it weakens Wall Street. And when the ARMY JAG defends here in the “Homeland”, it is also “WAR” against the US and those men & women in uniform are in reality defending the U.S. Taxpayers, defending the “Constitution”! Yes, our ARMY is at “WAR” with corporate America here in Alaska and it means $millions$ of Taxpayer money at risk, or was until Uncle Sam said screw you Doyon and is fighting back! And this also plays into the decision making, as to waste money on legal battles without merit, it hurts the cause and herein we see the effect. Here it is in a nutshell how some believe it is OK to attack US under cover that “Corporate Persona”. Now when the Municipality of Anchorage decided that it was time to use the off-gas from the “Highland Dump” - methane digested from rotting garbage and dead decaying corpses of street walking hookers abandoned by Bill Allen - it found several “competent and feasible” plans that were attractive - from an engineering and economic standpoint. So this plan started out with good intent, as it should have. But in steps “Doyon Utilities”, that decided through a “Magic Wand” investment strategy that it would build a trash gas power plant at a cost 3x what other entities had proposed wherein the MOA was still guaranteed the same amount of income if it went this venture alone? Too good to be true? You Betcha! OK, here is how it is working out today and the reason JBER will find troops stationed elsewhere like in Hawaii, as it is even cheaper for energy on the “Island” then here in Alaska. What you mean we have oil? Congress passed some laws sometime back wherein the military is required to buy “Green” if it becomes available - “Landfill Trash Gas” included. So when “Greed” became the inviting factor and Doyon teamed up with the Municipality of Anchorage – owner of the hill of trash now rotting away – well here is what we the “U.S. Taxpayers get in return. It is estimated that the price equivalent of generating electricity for the JBER by Doyon's trash gas plant is upwards at $15-dollars a gallon of fuel, at an escalated equivalent cost. Or for sake of defending Chugach Electric, 4 times as much for a trooper to use a night light to study the deployment war plans. And yes, twice as much as what is charged over on Inouye Island. Hey, it ain't easy being “GREEN”! Serious, when it is all said and done and through long term deceptive and deceiving contracts, the only reason Doyon could compete against decency was throgh scamming tactics - as the Grocery Chain Boy salesman had a sucker at the front door named “Uncle Sam” - must be getting old and senile! See, the ARMY was required to purchase the hook, line and sinking sinker at inflated “Who Gives A Rat's Ass About America” prices that, well it's criminal behavior but due being a “business” it finds immunity against prosecution. And if you have lost consciousness, this shenanigans that sounds so “Green” is what you and I end up paying for – freeloading and it has nothing to do with being “GREEN”. Yes, the Hulk would be madder then “Soylent Green” if still alive! As he did not put up with this kind of crap - just an honest statesmen until Don turned “Federal” witness against Ted. Sure that's what happened, it is so easy too see! Honestly and in all honesty, if Ted was still in control of the purse strings and aware of how Doyon is stealing away the “Military Privatization Dream”, he would have already kicked some ass! Anyway, so a high grade in the “Training” coupled with a “ZERO” grade in costs, well divide by zero finds and error! This is why we are starting to see an end to some military exercises in Alaska – the cost factor due high energy is strangling the future of the military here in Alaska. And this outlaw scenario, wherein “No Competition” allows those with a lack of “Patriotism” to think “Capitalism” is above and beyond that “America Duty”, it is nothing new here in Alaska. Back a few years ago all across America “coal contracts” captured by the Defense Logistics Agency for long-term realization of decreases in delivered energy to militray installations - because of “Patriotism” - saved the American Taxpayer $millions$. Well it meant a different story here in the “Lunatic Frontier”. Yes it is lunacy, and I am glad Governor Walker has placed a cabana on the “Film Tax Credits”, as that will “Chase those crazy baldheads out of da town”. So as America was doing its “Patriotic Duty” and due the fact we were at “WAR”, some in the energy industry saw it as an opportunity to Ask what you can do for your country” and there came savings everywhere - even Hawaii - except here in Alaska, true story. Wherein Joe Uselessbelli and Railroad Bill teamed together and the cost of coal delivered to interior military power plants increased 14% and to make matters worse off, the DLA could only find contracts worthy of a single year in duration, basically held hostage as without a natural gas line and coal the only other resource available in huge quantities, hey its “Capitalism” at it best. I call it Grand Larceny! Good thing we live not in a Communist or Putin domain, as these bandits would be feeling the pain of incarceration in an Alaskan style “Gulag”. It's Un-American, especially when we are at “WAR”! OK, over the life of the “Trash-gas” plant life cycle, the MOA will bring in over $50-million. Hey, that's my trash, will I get a rebate? So when you here the goons from Doyon bragging how JBER will save money going “GREEN”, ain't' so with realistic numbers, that magic wand is being shared and used to decive as it is owned by the “lobbyists” that give not a rat's ass about anything except the bottom-line. GREEN in this case turned to GREED! So the project that started out with good intent, well a jump from $8-million to $30-million for a plant not needed and then they let the U.S. Taxpayers pave the way of, well more theft as that is what it amounts to but alright because it is business as usual and immunity against prosecution is the way of the wallet! So Alaskans, when we hear of such doom & gloom with the military taking a hiatus, now you know the reason as to why the “Brass” makes such decisions – it's called “We're In Bed with Greed” and they are sick and tired of it!

Please Mrs. Henry courtesy of Bob Dylan
Crazy Baldheads courtesy Bob Marley

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