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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grocery Boy Patriotism

So, with the 4th of Independence still shining on high from sea to shining sea and the scent of black-powder lingering from all the aerial “works”, I challenge that call once again, of the “Patriots Game” in efforts to signal out qualifying noteworthy “Americans” that deserve respect for “Patriotism” above and beyond. Yes, the “Patriots Game” and No NOT a deflate-gate like challenge, but “Ask Not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”! What action identifies and defines the ultimate “Patriotic Act”. OK, I will make this an easier task and flip the coin this go around to challenge “Treasonous” acts against “Miss Liberty” – wherein “action” to rip off the American Taxpayer is indeed a premeditated act of treason, and that ultimate reverse with respect to Patriotism. Unfortunately, the award for being “Un-American” and fit for a treason trial, this award goes to the same pack of rats it has been presented upon the past 2-years! “Its been going on for 10000-years”, as these long-tailed puke-stenched rodents are hiding behind the Alaskan Native “namesake”, cheap thrills at the expense of a culture undeserving such abuse. So when the U.S. Government lawyers talk of “exploitation, unreasonableness, confusing, misleading information, mischaracterization, unfounded allegations and erroneous”, is this not enough to point a finger at something that is NOT right? Sure it is, as even Uncle Sam must mind its 1st Amendment manners when attacking, well “Terrorist” organizations. Up in Alaska, in Fairbanks - where the “Treasonous Award” finds a place of worship - it is not the Schaeffer Cox mentality that targets peace replaced through disorder that reeks of terrorist like qualifications, it is the pin-stripped “Grocery Boy” with that mile long smile we should be concerned about - hiding behind his “Business Man of the Year Award” when behind the scenes, his business dealings with Uncle Sam are as evil as, well ISIS when it comes to attacking the U.S. Treasury. Dear Dan and your cohort coward board of rats - including those Canadians you align yourself with - hope you enjoyed hot dogs and all the trimmings this 4th, did it cross your mind that you are truly Un-American? Maybe not, as these attempts to rip off Uncle Sam in efforts to cater to the Canadians, well maybe a lobotomy was a hangover the bag-boy experienced some time back in the past. Look, when the U.S. Government makes comments about Doyon Utilities and how that entity is EXPLOITING the U.S. Taxpayers, we have terrorism at our doorstep! It started a few years back, when a new entity called “Doyon Utilities” became a reality and was awarded the 1st “Privatization” contract to operate and maintain the military infrastructure here in Alaska. It was a 50-year contract that guaranteed $4-Billion in revenues – and with that approximately $20-Million each year in after-the-fact take-home profits. Take that back, as “Doyon Utilities” was NOT the 1st “Privatization”, but that success story goes to another Alaskan Native entity, the Chenega Corporation. See, this was a success story because the intent was NOT to rip off Uncle Sam. Chenegaa had management that wanted a small profit and it worked, until such time that power plant at Elmendorf Air Force Base was shutdown so...well thats another MurCowpiefly & Rubicon mystery. But when Doyon Utilities came to be and was awarded the entire “Privatization Contract” for Ft. Wainwright, Greely and JBER, it kind of pissed people off, as something was NOT right and as soon as the somewhat lucrative 50-year contract was signed & sealed then delivered, the pillaging began. But one doesn't mess with the men and women in boots, our troops with machine guns. So when Doyon's pin-stripped Grocery Boy decided to take on Uncle Sam for his Canadian commitment rivalry, Uncle Sam said bring it on. Yes, Doyon Utilities tried to sock-it to us, by trying to increase the loot we taxpayers pay-out, trying to steal away another $billion$ in profits for no apparent reason justifiable - which would have been U.S. Taxpayers' money sent to Canadian investors. But the military JAG called Doyon's bluff, when that entity tried to hide behind the state regulators, thinking it could pull a fast one – it backfired and today the U.S. Taxpayers seem to be on the winning side of the battle against the “Treasonous Terrorists”, that act like Americans but stink like, well “Rats”! So the battle continues on, and even though the time commitment of our government lawyers steals away resources from the DOD that could be used on other noteworthy issues, well this battle based upon “Greed” by the Grocery Boy and his Canadain blow-hards, it has tainted the entire “Privatization” ordeal that was designed to save the U.S. Taxpayers in the long haul. The reason the Air Force has decided to hold off on “Privatization” efforts with the infrastructure at Clear and Eielson, as the GAO has warned the brass of the pillaging that is going on in Alaska. So in my belief, in my book, even though some may call it “Capitalism”, I call it a “Capital Crime” scene, not “Patriotic” by any stench of the imagination. Yes it stinks and the Grocery Boy should be smelling the sweet smell of an overflowing crapper in a jail cell at a Federal penitentiary. So we have something to cheer about this 4th. Even though we still have troops far and away at battle in efforts to secure our “Independence”, the battle field exists here in the”Homeland” also with the likes of pin-striped idiots that seem to think the Canadian flag is there alma mater!

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