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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Talking “Oinks”

Different then “Talking Points”, as this is wherein things get pork-pie over-inflated. Oink, Oink – the rant and rage of a political ass-perspiration, I mean ass-piration! So, Donald Trump is running for the U.S. Presidency for a reason that makes him stand above and beyond the wimper. Trump wants that “Oval Office” seat, not for reason he can jerk-off in the same Cuban hole as Desk Jockey Bill when the 42nd was interviewing Monica - when Hillary was busy cleaning house - but wants that office desperately so he can sign an “Executional Order” to “Destroy” ISIS. Not that such would be a un-justifiable position to take as Commander-in-Chief, but Trump's main reason reeks in “Capitalism” as he is jealous because ISIS is building “Hotels” in IRAQ – and that means competition for the “Tower Mogul”. See, ISIS is most likely a businesssss venture started by leftover PNAC conservatives - including Jeb Bush - in efforts to keep their dream “creaming” alive and at the same time force us to invest in more “WAR”, so defense contractors - the other PNAC renegades like Rumsfeld and Cheney and Wolfowitz - can make a killing. See, we spent a whole lot of “Fabulous Moolah” destroying that country, so “that land is our land” and Trump feels he should be the person building luxury accommodations, NOT ISIS. Wow, makes sense as to why we have a no-sense political system and our youngsters are asking “What the Trump?” Hey kid, don't worry and just have another hit! And another “Talking Oink” worth mentioning, did the DNC forget there is an election year next year? The Independent Party has drafted Bernie, but nothing from the “Left Wing-Nut” Party except the laughing cow. Maybe some of the GOP goon squad - a candidate from every state - can perform a quick switch and...what we need is a “Fabulous Moolah” to kick some ass! But until “money” is banned from politics, like it should as the filth of wealth bothers our conviction to liberty, until then we will have more of the same, high priced jerk-offs in office and more “WAR”. We have become addicted to reality show like leadership and Daddy Warbucks serenades, and that can only lead to more “Motherless Child” pain and suffering and we as a nation finding we are all in the same vote - “Man without a Country”!

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