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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hillaryarious Update

So it is the season of “Donald and the Ducks” verses “Bernie and the Jets”. Hillary is soggy bottom boy toast, “I am a man of constant sorrow morals”, but “Go Trump”. I'm talking about the “Doorknob” going after the entire cast of GOP contenders, sending them “Ducking” for cover, when Trump proves that “only fools rush in”! Trump, is getting a big bang out of his unpaid tax buck, at other's expense - “We the Taxpayers” that is. But we are getting something in return – as laughter is still the best medicine. But maybe after this race, well the FOP – Foolish Odd Party – finds a more becoming title. Let's see what happened just today, but if I get interrupted, it's because Trump has pissed off many are now running away from real work and trying to take over the “Oval Office”, so they can carry in the torched-cross to eradicate Obama's legacy? OK, Trump was right when he made a comic central makeover take on Rick Perry that was hilarious. Isn't Perry under indictment? Maybe that's a pre-requisite for FOX contributors. But yes, Perry's new glasses incognito, well every time I see his mugshot, it's hillaryarious. So that was a good laugh for today as like Trump eluded upon, some cheap-ass frame with bullet-proof glass can't magnify one's intelligence - it's that divide by zero error again! And did John Kasick really kiss Ronald Reagan's balls back in 1971? Wow, what you mean I am the same age as Kasicko? Good thing I believe in health care, as John looks like an 89-year old out to the manure pasture politician – maybe it's from Reagan “from-under” lingering. Look, back in 71 I wasn't kissing a Reaganatic-fanatic's balls, I was toking and listening to what Marley said about corrupt politics! Maybe that's why my health is, Kasicko looks like death won over! So even though it is more of the same lame and insane political calling, at least “We the People” gain confidence when a guy like Trump takes over the roll of the Head Master Clown. See, we don't have to spend money and time to see a great comic relief, it's now a 24/7 reality. Just turn on the 1st Amendment news' channel or the 2nd Amendment other station, and it's like tuning in a Sirius “Special Needs Channel” with a comic taking to ridiculing the handicapped, yet in Trump's case the victims are deserving this hammering – the truth hurts!

Oh No, must be the season of the RICH
OH No, must be the season of the BITCH

So, I will vote for Bernie, unless the Kona Kahona Brothers step up to the plate. See, they want to share what Congress is all about. “Work Hard Play Hard is Backwards” and “Happy Hour is 23 Hours Too Short”. Wow, these guys are on to something and if we can't beat Congress, may as well join them! Yes indeed, the “Brothers” campaign is like this. “If we are elected, Americans shall set aside one hour a day for all the tedious crap we hate doing so the other 23 hours of the day can be happy” and “Single-Tasking”, the concept of only doing one thing at a time - drinking beer - will become this nation's NEW modus operandi!

OK, Bernie's message? Just read the “Constitution”!

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